Oh Boo Hoo! Nobody Likes Us!

Reading the comments on Sphinn lately, you’d we were a bunch of people who can’t stand to not be liked. We all watch Anonymous bomb Scientology about being a dangerous cult with amusement, but when a community does it to us, we get our collective panties in a bunch and start whining like the infant industry we are.

Today, I was reading an article on the Sphinn about how the anti-SEO StumbleUpon community are more or less like SEOs and other search marketers. Intriguing article, with some really good points. But my takeaway from the article itself was that Stumblers are more like us than they know, and they need to be nice and give us hugs or some other hippie-bullshit like that instead of getting pissy with us because some people get all uptight about a few search marketers not labeling shit right, whether intentionally or not.

I got to thinking though, if we follow the article’s author’s thoughts through and consider StumbleUpon a search engine, and therefore “Stumble Trolls” as SEOs, are their complaints not unlike all the people whining about the black hats that pushing irrelevant junk up on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Fooky or what have you? I mean, collectively, we’re pretty good about getting all bent out of shape about these “black hats” working to further their clients’ (or their own) agenda at the perceived peril of the search engines and the quality of their results. Shit, I’m pretty sure it’s all Doug Heil does. So, if we act like that, why in the hell should we be surprised if StumbleUpon zealots and SEO haters act the same? They said they were able to track garbage back to one of our own. With that in mind, can you blame ’em for not liking us?

So first of all, we need to quit whining and worrying about those people not liking us. If you’re going to exploit StumbleUpon for traffic, fine, do it. It’s not like everything Stumbled by a search marketer is total shit. But don’t get all whiny and call the Feds if you get caught and piss some people off. Remember, it’s a community. If you found someone dumping dog shit and trash in your city park, you’d want to beat the hell out of them too. And second, if you’re gonna’ pick a fight with these people, fucking fight already! Quit standing their holding your limp dick and whining. Hit them on the fucking chin! Get them in their house (fiiguratively speaking)! Light their garbage cans on fire! And for the love of everything bright and glorious, don’t act like a chicken shit when they hit back!

With that said, Happy Valentine’s Day.

10 Responses to “Oh Boo Hoo! Nobody Likes Us!”

  1. Syzlak Says:

    Nice work, thanks for the link…again 🙂

  2. michael streko Says:

    “Today, I was reading an article on the Sphinn about”

    Its not called “the sphinn” – why didn’t i get the memo?

  3. michael streko Says:

    not = now

  4. Syzlak Says:

    and always remember to pronounce it Sfinn, as I refuse to bastardize my language for a gimmick

  5. aimClear Says:

    hmm. Interesting blog. No need to comment because I “know how to read.”

  6. spostareduro Says:

    Hi..I agree with quite a bit here..Uh er umm….grabbing the feed.

  7. spostareduro Says:

    Oh! Thanks for referencing my post..I am in a mental drama -zone sorry I didn’t thank you the first comment around…der

  8. seohack Says:

    @ spostareduro – thanks for stopping by! no worries, we all get the mental drama every now and then. 😉

  9. 7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week « The Worst SEO Blog Ever! Says:

    […]   Somebody finally agrees with me!  It’s about damn time.  Maybe now we can all quit being a bunch of hand-wringing a-holes […]

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    Oh Boo Hoo! Nobody Likes Us! | The Worst SEO Blog Ever!

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