A Reminder of Why the Apple iPhone Sucks

Today, I had this enlightening conversation with our man Syzlak:

[11:38] Syzlak: so the picture is coming….by the end of the week?
[11:38] SEO Hack: i’ll try
[11:38] SEO Hack: how good is your camera phone?
[11:38] Syzlak: quite
[11:39] Syzlak: y?
[11:39] SEO Hack: maybe i take a pic with mine (only 1.3 mp) and send it to you
[11:39] Syzlak: ?
[11:39] Syzlak: why does it matter how good mine is then?
[11:39] SEO Hack: cuz i’m stupid and tired 😉
[11:39] Syzlak: so it matters how good yours is
[11:39] Syzlak: you can’t send it to my phone tho
[11:40] Syzlak: i can’t receive picture messages
[11:40] SEO Hack: that’s what i was afeared of
[11:40] SEO Hack: what the fuck?
[11:40] Syzlak: iphone doesn’t allow
[11:40] SEO Hack: holy shit, are you a hillbilly?
[11:40] SEO Hack: iphone
[11:40] SEO Hack: whoopie doooo
[11:40] SEO Hack: it’s so fucking wonderful that you can’t get image pics
[11:40] SEO Hack: wow
[11:40] SEO Hack: what a wonderful fucking contraption
[11:41] SEO Hack: that steve jobs is a genius
[11:42] SEO Hack: [-o<
[11:42] Syzlak: i never got them on my old phone
[11:42] Syzlak: i would type in the url and do it from my pc
[11:42] SEO Hack: wow
[11:43] Syzlak: too expensive
[11:43] SEO Hack: that’s pretty fucking backwoods
[11:43] Syzlak: and the screen was the size of a stamp
[11:43] SEO Hack: yeah, and those iPhone screens are too tiny to be useful too
[11:43] SEO Hack: [-o<
[11:43] Syzlak: to do it on sprint, you have to have the internet plan which was 30 or so
[11:45] Syzlak: 8o| i take poop on your comments
[11:45] SEO Hack: will your precious fucking iPhone allow you to do that?
[11:46] Syzlak: taking it with your phone can’t be that much easier than taking it with your camera…or are you still taking pictures with that zip drive camera?
[11:46] SEO Hack: hahahahahah – go fuck yourself
[11:47] SEO Hack: 😉
[11:47] Syzlak: so that’s a yes
[11:47] SEO Hack: i have my sketchbook and phone with me, not my Canon
[11:47] Syzlak: have to drive into town to find the one computer that still has those drives eh?
[11:47] SEO Hack: see, my phone is one of those where I can recieve these things called “pictures”
[11:47] SEO Hack: and i can fit my phone in my pocket to take these “pictures”
[11:48] Syzlak: yeah, no one really knows why they didn’t give us picture messages
[11:48] SEO Hack: and if I like, I can share these “pictures” with my “friends” regardless of whether they consider me legitimate or not
[11:48] Syzlak: i think you can send it to me, but i have to log on to find it
[11:48] Syzlak: which would be fine with me
[11:48] Syzlak: just try it, and stop complaining about it
[11:49] Syzlak: oh, and i understand just taking your phone with you, i wouldn’t want to lug that gigantic 5″ floppy drive camera and it’s separate chemical flash pan and the cloak around with me everywhere either
[11:50] Syzlak: not to mention the dial up modem it requires to upload your pictures
[11:50] SEO Hack: that’s cuz you’re a wussy
[11:50] Syzlak: war!
[11:50] SEO Hack: LOL
[11:50] Syzlak: take the damn picture
[11:50] SEO Hack: I would, but I don’t want it to mess up your precious iPhone
[11:51] Syzlak: take it…:o)
[11:51] SEO Hack: are those middle fingers?
[11:51] SEO Hack: if so, awesome
[11:51] SEO Hack: if not, what the hell?
[11:52] Syzlak: dunno
[11:52] SEO Hack: just in case you need a reminder
[11:52] SEO Hack: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=iphone
[11:53] Syzlak: …
[11:53] SEO Hack: i believe you sent me that a long time ago
[11:54] Syzlak: anytime you want to take that picture, that’s fine…

Holy shit – the iPhone doesn’t allow for getting pics through the telephone? This is the device that’s going to make my life better? What the fucking hell? I do hope some friggin’ Apple fanboys or girls come and get me educated on why this thing is so “awesome”. And to think, I almost signed up for one of those stupid scams to get me one. For shame, Apple. For shame, Steve Jobs. You’ve just made it so all these innocent people will have to upgrade this fucking paper weight just so they can get pics of dogs humping the park from their friends. How do you sleep at night?

5 Responses to “A Reminder of Why the Apple iPhone Sucks”

  1. Syzlak Says:

    yeah, but we can get video of that on our phone at the touch of a button

  2. seohack Says:

    can i send you a video or will your paperweight, er, iPhone, not be able to handle that? cuz, you know, I can take video with my cell phone, if i weren’t such a cheap ass and paranoid fucker that’s afraid to register my content.

  3. Bob Says:

    the iPhone is pretty though. While I was in London last week the chick and I went to Soho. All the “bois” there had them.

  4. bobby Johnson Says:

    I like the iphone foo!!!

  5. iphone games music Says:

    Nice blog, i have added it to my favourites, greetings

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