7 Things I Learned on the Interweb This Week

1. I’m glad I’m not part of the in-crowd or I’d get bugged with shit like this all the time. And that doesn’t mean start bugging me with that kind of shit. I’m perfectly happy in the garage with my dungeon master’s guide and my 12-sided die.

2. There are some really fucked up kids books out there. Thanks for that, Syzlak.

3. I’m not the only one irritated with Yahoo! fucking up MyBlogLog. Yahoo! could fuck up a wet dream. Assholes.

4. No matter how much I whine and drop links to it, no one will sfin this story. =( And that makes me sad. I’d sfin your story if it got sent to BFE and it’s been a couple of weeks. Really, I would! I’m good for it! What, my credit ain’t good enough for you? You know what, never mind. Just never mind. Forget about it. I see how you people are.

5. I hit an all-time high of position four in Google for everybody’s favorite sicko-fetish: poop porn. And yes, it’s still my all-time top keyword referrer, though now I’m starting to see “seo porno” along with all the asshole-related keyword referrers.

6. Best Week Ever can be relevant to SEO! Hurray! So I haven’t been fucking around this whole time. But if you are wanting to fuck around on the boss’ dime (and who doesn’t?!?!?!) then make sure you check out their post on humiliating pet costumes.

7. Okay, I’ve thought Lance Armstrong was a douchebag for quite some time now. I don’t care how good he is at riding a fucking bicycle, it’s pretty shitty the way he ran off of on the girl who was by his side through all that cancer shit to hook up with Sheryl Crow and then to break up with her once she got the cancer. I mean, Sheryl even got his car OverHauled by Chip Foose! Though I’ve had a low opinion of him as a man for quite some time, I never thought he’d turn into a creepy old man.

5 Responses to “7 Things I Learned on the Interweb This Week”

  1. Syzlak Says:

    there’s only like 5, maybe 6 things here that you learned. you didn’t really learn numbers 4 and 5…

    are you selling out dude?

  2. seohack Says:

    well, I learned that no one responds to my whining. and I only knew I was number 4 after going to the Google, which means I had to learn that.

    and I sold out a loooooooooooong time ago!

  3. The Bagel of Everything Says:

    I used to work at an indie used book store, with the glorious title of “Director of Children’s Literature.” (they couldn’t afford to pay much, so they made up for it with resume fodder).
    I’ve seen that book. There’s a whole series of toddler self help books. We had stacks of them, but no one ever bought them. I’ll see if they’re still there next time I go.

  4. Cody Says:

    I have a hunch that’s anti-gay propaganda masquerading as a children’s book. I bet the entire contents of my bank account ($2.56) Chick published it. They write strange stuff like that.

  5. Steve Says:

    Wow that is crazy.

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