SEOmoz Better Than Sphinn!

The numbers don’t lie, folks.

According to the WordPress blog stats thingy, on the day that wonderful angel Rebecca gave me a nice link from SEOmoz, I saw a traffic jump that day to 409. That’s right – 409 views! It was awesome! Record high for the Worst SEO Blog Ever! Needless to say, I knocked off early that day and got drunk. Really drunk. So I’m still finding my socks in the neighbors trees.  And fire is awesome.

Now, that compared to when another SEO angel by the name of Jill linked to one of my articles, Jill Whalen -vs- SEO Hack, from I noticed a jump in traffic as well. It was respectable (that post alone got 179 views that day alone), and until last week the best jump I’d seen yet. But now – holy cow!

So, instead of looking at various factors and trying to figure out the difference between last month and this month to see why there is a jump, I’m just going to draw a few conclusions without actually really investigating anything (read: I’m a lazy bastard). First conclusion: SEOmoz gets a lot more traffic than Sphinn. Second conclusion: SEOmoz readers are smarter than Sphinn readers. Third conclusion: Sphinn hates me and wants me to die.

In regards to the third conclusion, let me state this:  Sphinn, your kung-fu is no match for my click-pow.  Watch your back.

5 Responses to “SEOmoz Better Than Sphinn!”

  1. JDog Says:

    I have 47 unread posts right now and I chose to read this one…..Gotta love it. This post is a little more tame than usual. Quite sucking up to the girls (I do adhore you don’t get me wrong) and write some more of your shit talking posts so that more people link to it 😉

  2. Syzlak Says:

    Cut him some slack mate! Once in awhile he has to do a legitimate post…but JDog is right, start hating on something

  3. Rebecca Kelley Says:

    Wow, all I have to do is point a link your way and now I’m referred to as a “wonderful angel”? Me likey!

  4. batwoman Says:

    Amazing. You have finally found a group of people who _want_ you to take that step too far. I must tell your little red-headed, flintstone-footed buddy.
    Oh, and the neighbors said they are holding your socks hostage until you shut the curtains. Hairy, naked men are one thing. Hairy, naked drunk men dancing the hokey-pokey are another.

  5. Steve Says:

    Those are some rough conclusions.

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