On My Not Posting Lately . . . .

So, I had this conversation with our dear friend and comrade Syzlak earlier today:

[11:48] syzlak: you tube
[11:49] syzlak: million hits overnight
[11:49] SEO Hack: I might have to
[11:49] SEO Hack: i need to get more involved with that kind of stuff
[11:49] syzlak: dude seriously do it
[11:49] syzlak: you never twit, you rarely sphinn, gotta do something
[11:49] syzlak: break out of your mold
[11:50] syzlak: quit being a lazy asshole
[11:51] SEO Hack: don’t call me dude

Okay, first off, don’t call me dude.  Seriously.

Second, why fucking social media?!?!?!?!?  I’ve used Twitter!  It sucked.  I’ve looked at YouTube.  Yeah, it’s okay.  I mean, at least it’s entertaining.  And I tried to Sphinn stuff, only some people take my shit down and don’t give me any fucking reasons as to why.  All this shit is bullshit.   Why do you people give a shit about this shit?!?!?!!?  Furthermore, why do you people give a shit that I give a shit about this shit, huh Syzlak?  What the fuck?!?!!?!??! Does it worry you that I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid?

That’s right – the Kool-Aid.  The same purpley-shit that makes up all this Web 2.0 crap.  All you all are like, “Hey man, it’s so Web 2.0.  You got StumbleTechnoratiFaceSpace, man.  You Digg?”

Hell no.  I’ll fight all you pushers and you’re black helicopters right into the fucking ground.  You see what’s out in my shop?  That’s right bitches.  Back the fuck off all this social media crap.

2 Responses to “On My Not Posting Lately . . . .”

  1. The Bagel of Everything Says:

    Social media sites are full of tasty little sheep.
    We think we’re being the wolves when we go there to drum up support for whatever our current project may be, but really, we’re just cannibal sheep.

    Mmmm…canibal sheep.

  2. Michael Nowak Says:

    SOzG2h Blogs rating, add your blog to be rated for free:

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