On Mean People Sucking . . . .

So, as a little diversion from doing work, I decided to log into this den of awesomeness and to see what was going on. I’ve been getting addicted to looking at my blog stats thingy that WordPress put together. It almost makes me forgive them for letting me think that I was banned last Friday. Almost.

Looking at my favorite stat – “Search Engine Terms” – I found someone found me today for “i hate sting” (which I do) and “mean people”. Curious, I went to the Google and Yahoo’d “mean people”. While I didn’t find the Worst SEO Blog Ever, I did find images of those annoying “Mean People Suck” stickers. Oh, how I hate those things.

I remember the first time I saw one of those things. I’m pretty sure it was on the bumper of some hippies Jeep Grand Cherokee that his mom and dad got him for graduating or something. It didn’t take long before those goddammed things were everywhere. It was like the new peace symbol or something. Fucking college hippies. It’s all peace and love until mom and dad quit paying the bills and you have to either move your sorry ass back to California or get a job, isn’t it?

Anyways, while these dipshits think that mean people suck, I disagree. Actually, mean people are kinda’ necessary. After all, these “mean people” put down the fucking bong and get a job while those dreadlocked assholes are sitting in drum circle and talking about how the world would be a better place if everyone had a drum circle (for the record, I also hate drum circles). Mean people are one of our greatest sources of entertainment. Who wants to watch 10 rounds of hugging? I sure as hell don’t. But 10 round of UFC? Oh hell yeah! Hell, if it weren’t for mean people, there’d be no such thing as SEO! Or advertising! Or the economy! I mean, what kind of asshole charges money for goods? Certainly not a friendly commie like Stalin!

So next time you’re reading some asshole’s comments and flames about something rather insignificant and moronic, don’t look down your nose at him or tell her to be nice. Thank that mean person. After all, if it weren’t for mean people that burned-out fry brain who still thinks it’s 1969 wouldn’t be able to sell stickers as a cover for peddling weed out of his van.

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