Sphinn Kills Voting. Apple Does Something. Life Goes On.

Wow.  What a day, eh?  Sphinn (or the Sfin, whatever) totally steals Apple’s thunder on whatever the hell that fucker in a black turtle neck was yammering on about.  Did not see that coming.  Whoda’ thunk it?

So, maybe there wasn’t any thunder being stolen, but still. On my the Twitter feed (believe it or not, I still look at that thing), it’s been getting more characters than Apple, unless you count from Syzlak (no, I do NOT want a friggin’ iPad!), who was the only one that said anything about an iPod or something Apple-related.

Now, what you’re really here for is the answer to the “What does Sphinn killing voting mean for me?” question, aren’t ya?  Well, here  you go:

  • You’ll have to listen to people whine on the Twitter about there being no more voting on Sphinn.
  • You’ll likely see a story on the Sphinn about people whining about there being no more voting on the Sphinn.
  • You might actually read something interesting on the Sphinn.
  • People will realize Sphinn said nothing about killing the comments section and go “Oh, umm, but there’s still no voting!”.
  • Eventually, people will quit whining about Sphinn killing voting and find something else to bitch about.
  • Sphinn isn’t killing voting on everything, just on the Sphinn.com, so you can still vote without really knowing what you’re voting about on other voting websites and your local elections (November is coming!).
  • I will have finally realized I can use the bullet point thingy on the WordPress.

There  you have it.  Now that you realize life will still go on, and Apple will likely churn out some other “game changer!!!!!!” in a few months, you can get to doing whatever the hell it is you do.  Oh, and get out of line and go home.  Standing out in front of an Apple store waiting to spend money on next month’s paper weight makes you look like a twat.

7 Responses to “Sphinn Kills Voting. Apple Does Something. Life Goes On.”

  1. Andy Nattan Says:

    You missed Digg. If there’s anything getting more whinges per square tweet than Apple and Sphinn at the moment, it’s Digg.

    • seohack Says:

      oh my god, you’re right. i really dropped the ball on that one. leave it to digg to fuck up my totally awesome post! those assholes!

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