OMG! Google Is Spying On You! And Bears Shit In The Woods!

So, now that I have internet back, I jumped on the Twitter to see what was going on (apparently I had some time to waste after being sans interweb for three weeks).  Looked like the same ol’ same ol’.  Except for everyone passing around an article from the New York Times about people getting all sorts of pissed off about the Google snooping on people and their personal data.


This is news?

What the fuck?

Getting upset about Google scraping and using your personal data from free products of theirs is like being pissed off that you got diarrhea from eating sushi out of a dumpster on a 90 degree day in Mexico City.  I mean, c’mon!  It’s what they do!  That’s why that shit is free!  It’s not fucking trigonometry!  Let me guess – you also think the new friend you just met in the bathroom gave your that hit of heroin for free just because you have kind eyes?

That doesn’t mean Google isn’t a bunch of assholes.  But seriously, if this surprises you and/or upsets you, then you are in for a rough, rough life.  Let’s just get it over with now.  Those jeans do make you look fat.  We know you only wear a size 7 shoe and those are socks in your trousers.  That isn’t oregano in your kid’s backpack and he isn’t going to be chef, unless you count cooking meth in your basement as being one.  And don’t even ask about your fucking hair cut, ‘cuz it does make you look stupid.

12 Responses to “OMG! Google Is Spying On You! And Bears Shit In The Woods!”

  1. JDog Says:

    Fuck yea!!! You’re back speaking the truth. You read my mind…

    • seohack Says:

      heheheh, thanks mang! i guess this is why the old gray lady is going the way of the something something something . . . . fuck, where’s my concentration?

  2. Owlette Says:

    Nice to have you back, dear. Rant on.

    • seohack Says:

      =) thanks! i will do my best! er, worst . . . i’ll give it my something something something . . . . ugh! maybe this is why you’re not supposed to quit drinking.

  3. Steph Woods Says:

    Hahahaha. If I ever get into a fight with someone I’m totally flying you into BC so you can get my back.

    • seohack Says:

      lady, i’m totally there. then can we go to your compound and clean our rifles or something something something . . . fuck. gin time.

      anyhooo . . . hell yeah, we’ll fuck shit up. and stuff! =D

  4. seohack Says:

    you three totally made it worth crawling out of a hole to write that. now i only wish i had crawled back out again sooner!

  5. Chris Nomand Says:

    Thanks for the very helpful information!

  6. Steve Says:

    Just Found your blog, i must say its refreshing as well as raising a titter, lol.

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