At Least I Can Friggin’ Count!

Because I’m a bit of an insecure, narcissistic prick, when I actually decide to log in and perhaps post some sort of drivel, the first thing I do is check where my traffic is coming from.  I know, I’m weak.  It’s like a sickness.  But anyways, as I was saying, I saw in my stats that I was getting a bit of traffic from a link that looked like:  “Hmm,” I thought.  “Ten examples! This I must see!”,  hoping to see nine other blogs worse than mine.  Plus, I wanted to see what they had to say about me.  Even bad attention is still attention (remember the whole insecure, narcissistic prick thing?).

What did I see when I went to check out the 10 Examples of Bad Blogs?  Only five fucking blogs!  Motherfucker can’t count!  Or, he’s kind of a lazy asshole like me and stopped at five.  Either way, at first I felt duped.  And then kind of honored, because that meant instead of only 1/10th of the post being about me and The Worst SEO Blog Ever!, now it was 1/5th.  And more is always more.

So, zball24, thank you for the attention.  And I hope you get a fan someday.  And thank you for making me feel twice as important as I did when I first clicked that link.

10 Responses to “At Least I Can Friggin’ Count!”

  1. Jeremy Jennings Says:

    What up Hack!

    Maybe you’ll start to gain some ranking for the word “Blog #3” thanks to his anchor text 😉

    • seohack Says:

      heheheh, good point. it might mix it up from the poop porn and pikachu porn i’ve been getting traffic for! though, blog #2 would’ve been awesomer . . . .

  2. Best in Flock Says:

    I like how he starts all magnanimous (I will “also help improve bloggers on other bloggers mistakes” hahaha) and then his critiques just say “this blog is pointless and sucks”. Way to be constructive!

  3. Best in Flock Says:


  4. Owlette Says:

    Hack, dear, you will always be the worst to me. And whenever I see poop porn or pikachu porn I think of you.

  5. Score Piano Says:


  6. Mark Says:

    Yeah, he listed us, too. I’m not sure how his ranking system worked, either … Since we were #4 and you were #3, does that mean our blog sucked less or worse than yours? 😉

    It’s kinda telling whena 17-year-old kid doesn’t give a damn what a bunch of people in their mid-30’s and 40’s say. Especially when we act like a bunch of 17-year-olds. Meh … Whatever. He’d die to have parents like us. No, literally. We’d break his will and demoralize him every day for being such a little Curt Cobain. *snicker*

    But, ya know, I did take his review to heart, and looked into the matter. Let’s see, 2000 sessions on a bad day, and plenty of comments. I guess one of us must have said something that hurt his vagina’s feelings. 😉

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