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Hack, You’re Still An Asshole

April 3, 2009

So, of the three of you who still stop by to see whether or not I’ve been arrested or have permanently taken up panhandling, you might be thinking, “Hey, you out of work degenerate! Where’s those fucking posts you promised us, you jerk?”  Well, really I’ve been busy! Really!  Did you know that unemployment is damn near like having a job?  It’s a real pain in the ass!  And here I thought it be all PBR and Wife Swap all day every day.  Oh, but oh hell no.  They actually make you look for a job and shit.  They’re all, “Did you look for work?” and I’m all, “Maybe . . . ” and they’re all, “Well, you better have been or you ain’t gonna’ get your check, you lazy fucking slob!” And I’m all, “Mom, just get me a Pepsi.  Please! All I want is a Pepsi!”  And so on and so forth.

As it turns out, the closest job they can find for me for SEO and search marketing is janitorial related.  Go figure.

But, I promize to try to get something, ‘cuz I actually learned some shit this week.  Really, I did.  On the interweb even.  It’s a crazy fucking thing, itinit?