Hey, Asshole. Where You Been?

Well, I’ve been meditating (read: getting drunk and hiding out in the blanket fort) about what the future holds.  Right now, I’m pretty sure we’re headed towards a Mad Max reality.  But anyways, enough about me.

While I’ve been, er, meditating, I have to say that you, my loyal following, kick a lot of ass.  For reals.  I mean, you all check out where I’m at for the Worst Blog of All Time?  That’s right, right on the tail of Paris “I use MS Paint to Draw Cum on the Faces of Celebs” Hilton!  Okay, maybe “right on the tail” is the wrong phrase for someone whose stomping my brains in, and honestly, his isn’t the tail I’d like to, er, be on, but you get the idea.  I’m second, motherfuckers!  And all thanks to hyper-intelligent voters out there.

Next, I’d like to thank Melanie, Mr. Syzlak, Owlette, JDog and Devilman (I know I’m fogetting some others, so apologies) for keeping, well, I guess my head, in it.  You all are the best.  Thanks for sticking in there.

Anyways, I think I’m back.

6 Responses to “Hey, Asshole. Where You Been?”

  1. JDog Says:

    Welcome Back Hack!

  2. Devilman676 Says:

    Better not call me Jesus or I will have to eat your soul or maybe just send some dirty desert pirate hookers your way… Welcome back…again?

  3. streko Says:

    fcuk u.

  4. Owlette Says:

    Please don’t toy with our emotions.

    You staged a mini-resurgence recently and the peeps were all “Yay! Hack is back! Huzzah!” and then you disappeared and we all got drunk.

    So if you are *really* back I’ll pour you a gin but it will take at least one more post. And it better be vintage Hack.

  5. seohack Says:

    @jdog – thanks! =)

    @Devilman – how about heysuess?

    @streko – back at ya, sweet tits.

    @Owlette – fair enough! but you all know i’m a figment of your imaginations, so really, the person to blame is the one who imagined me not doing anything. =) i’ll try not to disappoint. 😉

  6. Secret Says:

    Thanks for post , welcome Asshole ))

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