SEMpdx SearchFest ’09! Woohoo.

Another year, and another fine Searchfest.  It seems to get better each year, though I’m kind of bummed about this years lack of PDXers speaking.  I mean, you have Mintz, Syzlak, the Search Commander . . . these people know shit! And they’re local!  But at any rate, either way, this thing just gets better and better.  Seriously, all you all should get your asses to this event.  Want to see what you’re missing?  Well, then find a good live blogger and not me.  But at any rate . . . .

It’s a relief to see that Danny is not planning on disrobing like he did at SMX Advanced a few years back. He sounds a bit tired, sounds like he’s doing quite a few of these keynotes and is just trying to catch up.

Apparently, a few years back, Danny responded to a statement about Portland search by saying Port-where? Portland, Oregon, motherfucker! Read your itinerary, son! He defends himself by saying that there are marketers in Maine.  Okay, sure, give Maine some props.  But we all know Stumptown is THE Portland.  Get with it.

Alright, shit is getting some speed now.

Finally the mystery is solved SEM=SEO+PPC.  Wow, is it 2002 already?

Link building is still an unfortunate portion of SEM – the Danny should really just decree that link building doesn’t matter anymore.  Maybe then the Danny Deciphles and the Cuttlets will be all happy and junk.

Glad to hear the Danny stressing the importance of usability. Too often people try to just polish a turd.  But if a motherfucker can’t use your crappy site, they ain’t gonna’ pull any triggers.  Or certainly you’re gonna’ be leaving money on the table.

Btw, sem != seo  That’s right.  I don’t know what that means, but I thougth math would make it look more important.

The Danny sings the shit out of John Dvorak of PC Magazine.

I always love how often the Danny uses the word dude, even when he really shouldn’t be.  It’s kind of like that lovable frat boy/surfer your sister brought to Thanksgiving last year and made everything awkward.

Trying to rename SEO…not sure why, it sounds like it’s just to avoid being called snake oil salesmen. Seems kind of silly to just rebrand instead of agreeing to not talk out of our asses. Also, didn’t Syzlak rename SEO as searchability some time ago?  Just sayin’, me and the Syz are ahead of the curve is all.

Get rid of crap hat – huh?  Then what will we where to parties?

Danny Sullivan has become the Nancy Reagan of crap control; his orders are to just say no.  And now we’re going to launch an expensive, never-ending war against illegal crap content.  Great.  The street price of crap content just went up ten fold.

Mushrooms have kicked in, the Danny’s talking about a fairy land with dolphin unicorn dragon rainbows. And then the Danny says no hype cycles, only bicycles. He shows one, it’s lame. Told you all the Danny was a hippie.

Now we’re onto pixeldust – the man is loaded. Side note, there’s some guy in here wearing a white flat brimmed hat, not a fedora…the other one, the one that smooth guys on islands where. Like, someone that would be behind an evil scheme to put Magnum under.  Man, this is a fucked up city.

Nice to hear Danny just breeze past Paid Search, not saying that it’s good or bad, big or little, but more that it exists and is about on the same par as SEO. Very political.

Ahhhhhh, Wonder Twins references. Meh.  Syzlak did that already too.

Time for coffee, hair of dog and being awesome.

6 Responses to “SEMpdx SearchFest ’09! Woohoo.”

  1. JDog Says:

    Very educational live blogging session. Thanks Hack. Maybe you can fill the live blogging gap at BC since Lisa left?

  2. Rebecca Kelley Says:

    Where are you, you evasive mofo?!

  3. JDog Says:

    ok know I’m rolling. I love the part.. “Told you all Dany was a hippie”.. classic

  4. scienceinfos Says:

    i like the wtf category 🙂

  5. Melanie Phung Says:

    “The street price of crap content just went up ten fold.”

    I was going to give you crap for being MIA on your blog for so long, but now that I can sell crap on the street for a good price I’ll just forgive you instead.

    Welcome back. We missed you. (And apparently now you’re live blogging too… geesh, it’s almost like it was worth the wait.) 🙂

  6. Jennifer Linnuste Says:

    Most entertaining….love the reference “Finally the mystery is solved SEM=SEO+PPC. Wow, is it 2002 already?”

    blog set up time- 1 hr
    blogging hours logged -500 hrs
    telling people AGAIN SEM=SEO +PPC- priceless

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