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Saravut Is Not A Scraper Spammer, Just A Jerk

December 30, 2008

So, a while back, like a long while back, a bunch of my junk got jacked and “repurposed” on some shitty scraper site.  Naturally, being a loud-mouthed asshole, I made sure all four or five of my readers knew about it.

Several months later, in the comments of that awesome post, I see that the fella’ I called out on it finally responded.  Not only did he respond, he kindly (kindly as in calling me a “fuck up”) asked me to take down my post, if I am “manly” enough.

I can admit when I’m wrong.  And apparently, the research I did that pointed at our friend Saravut was wrong.  He wasn’t the scraper; he was just hosting the scraped content.  So, Saravut, I apologize for that post and calling you a scraping, spamming asshole who didn’t link back to my crappy post that was jacked in the first place.  Saravut is just a host, and not a bad guy.

Now that that’s out of the way, might I offer a suggestion.  When someone thinks you’ve fucked them over when you haven’t, it’s generally not a good idea to tell them you don’t care that their content has been “ripped” and that they’re a “ripper too” and a “fuck up”.   I mean, seriously, was that really a good way to get me to build empathy and want to take that post down?  Hell no.  And then to comment three minutes later to the remember to read your other comment?  Seriously?  Dare me and call into question my manhood all you like, but we all know that by doing as you ask then means that I’m a chicken shit and afraid of you and are doing whatever you tell me to.  That, by default, is not manly.

So, I’ve apologized to you, Saravut.  I’m sorry you had a crappy client that was stealing other peoples’ shit and I apologize for saying shit about you when I thought you were scraping my content.  For all I know, you’re a wonderful host and a pillar of integrity.  And I understand your comments were probably done in the same anger that caused me to do that post in the first place.  It sucks to have someone blame you for shit you didn’t do.  I’ll meet you halfway – I’ll link from that post to that post.  But I’m not taking the fucking thing down.  Those comments came across as bullying and being a jerk.  If you’re not a bully or a jerk in real life, I apologize for that as well.

And if you all need a Thai server and a good host, give Saravut a call. I think his email or his service is in one of the comments. =)