Why Bother?

So, if you read my last two posts where I openly admitted that they were pretty much a waste of bandwidth because I was more or less ranting against two lame-ass attempts to drive traffic to two sites that have probably been abandoned by now or the owners are either stuck on the toilet with bombastic diarrhea or (fingers crossed) sharing a small cell with a large man for some vile pics found on the hard drive of their computer.  “What gives, Hack, you lazy asshole?  You take a fucking month off and then come back and write two lame-ass rants against some fucking comment spammers?  What the fuck?” you ask.  Well, I’ll tell you.

Believe it or not, though I’m a lazy bastard with little will to do a damn thing right, when I see such laziness and half-assedness, it drives me fucking crazy.   I mean, look at those two link drops!  Look at ’em!  Did the fucker(s) even have a plan when they woke up that morning?  They did a pretty fuck job of it.  If I were gonna’ fucking comment spam some shithole blog, such as this one, I’d at least fucking make it look like my fucking links were a part of the goddammed conversation.  At least, maybe, the fucking blog owner might either let it go under the radar or have a good sense of humor about the fucking thing and let it slide.  But oh hell no.  The motherfuckers didn’t even do that.  The lazy assholes (I’m assuming plural, but if I know if were to make an effort I’d at find they were the same douchebag) just dropped a fucking URL and scrammed.  He (or they) put more effort into picking out a fucking username than those fucking link drops.

So here’s the deal.  If  you’re gonna’ be a comment-spamming asshole, at least do it right.  Put a little copy around your fucking link, and don’t just use the fucking URL.  A little copy might put into context or disguise it.  But in the end, unless you’re hoping my five most loyal readers will just follow your fucking link and go to your shit-ass site, you’re wasting your time.  I haven’t bothered getting rid of the auto-nofollow bit in the comments.

In conclusion, blah blah blah, go fuck yourself.

4 Responses to “Why Bother?”

  1. Gurtie Says:

    wait, you made two ranty posts about gaming spam and didn’t even drop me a dofollow link in to show how it should be done? WTF? *grumble*

  2. get good ranking Says:

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  3. seohack Says:

    @Gurtie – you want irony? your comment was nabbed by askimet as spam! Let me make it up to you . . . you name it. 😉

  4. Miguel Says:

    Do you know how completely insane you sound to an Andalucian peasant smallhoder trying to survive on what he can gather from his few trees? You name people that we have never heard of and mouth stupid sound bites about matters that have no relevance outside of your local starbuckd

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