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October 6, 2008

Or maybe they don’t.  Either way, I don’t care.  Both are chock full o’sons of bitches and assholes.  The only thing NAMBLA hasn’t done that pisses me off is hire some fuckhead to comment spam me., well, they have.

I don’t know that supports NAMBLA, but they might.  I’m not involved with their sponsorship.  Hell, for all I know might be a NAMBLA front,  you know, to make it look all legit while they diddle little boys.  I guess anything is possible.  But I don’t for sure if they do or not and this is only my opinion.

So, yes, this another “finger exercise” and all it’s going to do is probably net me a bunch of sick fucks who are looking for NAMBLA, and I am NOT referencing the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes.  Just what I need to go long with all the people looking for poop porn and pikachu porn – pedophiles.  And again, it’s just my opinion that this “Wendell” is a child molester and that is a NAMBLA front group.  In real life he’s probably a real, er, stand up guy(?) running a legit online casino.  I can’t believe I wrote that with a straight face.

So, and “Wendell”, I curse you.  May your body odor cause cats to try and bury you when you go to the beach and your halitosis make you vomit in your own mouth so it worsens said halitosis.  May the toilet seat be up when you go to take a shit in the middle of the night and you mistake your well-worn issue of the Christmas 1986 Fredrich’s of Hollywood catalog for toilet paper.  I curse you and your children and your children’s children, you fucking schmuck. Is For Wankers

October 6, 2008

Well, that’s my assumption.  Apparently, hired some douchebag named “Dwight” to do some link building.  All they got out of fuckhead were some lame-ass comment spam which netted them an awesome ZERO fucking useful links.  Unless someone happened to follow those dodgy links and get them some baccarat.

But let’s be honest.  This post is pretty much a throwaway post.  As soon as is banned, they’ll move on to or something else.  In the end, all that will have happened is that I’ve exercised my fingers and got yet another opportunity to call some douchebag a motherfucker or an asshole.  There is no justice.  This is the way it is and the way it shall be.

Sure, I could go through, do the whole whois gambit and put it up.  But that’s a lot of effort for not a whole lot of, I don’t know, satisfaction? Action?  Something.  So instead I will put a curse on them.

Hear me know, and the poseur “Dwight”.  May you motherfuckers get diarrhea so bad your assholes burn for an eternity and may every time you comment spam another blog, a pitbull fuck your leg.  May your girlfriends (and/or boyfriends) always have a headache and may your mother call when you’re about to “get it on” (assuming fuckwits such as yourselves ever get laid) and remind you to call your grandma.  This shall be your curse and the curse of your children and your children’s children.

Oh, and yes I used “wanker” because this was a company using a domain.  I also considered using “twat”, “cunt” and “spotted dick” (I don’t care if it’s a dessert).

And one last thing – fuck you