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For The Record –

September 11, 2008

Watching WE, Lifetime or Bravo doesn’t mean one is gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or female (nor that either!). Yes, I love Bridezillas. Yes, I love the Golden Girls (and by the by, they don’t show so many movies where men are killing women and throwing old people down stairs on Lifetime these days. Though, on the Lifetime Movie Channel, is another story. Yes, I know about the Lifetime Movie Channel). And yes, I love Project Runway and can tell you who I think will show at Bryant Park.

While setting things straight, I want to give a big thanks and credit where credit is due. It’s pretty unanimous that what people loved about that Plurk post were the comments. First off, is Ms. Phung, our very own baby momma of content, who kick-started the thing.   Also jumping in are the Streko (the New Jersey SEO, motherfuckers!), the dapper Dan known as the MadHat and everyones favorite SEM Rock Star, Syzlak (who better not be quitting or I will shave all that pretty hair off his fucking lumpy-ass head). Thank you to all of you for kicking it up to eleven making it awesome. And thank you, dear reader, for Stumbling/Digging/Redditting (what the fuck do they call that?) and generally passing it around. All you all are awesome too.  Thank you to everyone.