3M Corporation Bankrupt?

Now this can be argued two ways.  Is there marketing department morally bankrupt?  Well, after reading and thinking about how 3M Carjacked the Post-It Note Car, I’d say yeah.  I mean, c’mon people.  Just because you might be able to legally do something doesn’t mean you ought to. Furthermore, you think people, especially friends of the guy you fucking stole borrowed the idea from would keep their mouths shut?  Seriously?  You fuckers are as fucking dumb as you are morally bankrupt.  And that sez something coming from a fucker like me.  Well, let’s pray the media continues to not see any of this.  And if they do, consider it a lesson in social media marketing, assholes.

Now, financially, is 3M Corporation filing for bankruptcy soon?  I mean, they couldn’t afford to pay a guy his asking price of $2,000 for permission to use those pics.  Instead, they chose a more cost-effective route by recreating their own Post-It Note car, likely just for the cost of the Post-It Notes they used, which, since they aren’t having to schlepp down to the Staples or the Wal-Mart to buy them, it must not be a whole lot.  Now, they would have to factor in the cost of the employee time to put the Post-It notes on the car, as well as a photog to come shoot the damn thing.  Honestly, I think it might’ve been more cost effective to just pay for the original Post-It Note Car, but hey, I’m not some genius running the marketing department of a multi-national company.  And they may have decided to go with a “gritty and organic” feel and just had one of the decorators shoot the car.  So maybe the cost is low.  But if they’re worried about saving a thousand dollars (which the 3M Corporation marketing hack representative indicates was the difference between doing it themselves and paying Mr. Abelman for using his pics), what does that say about their financials?

It says that 3M Corporation are either a) going broke and need to keep costs down however possible (including theft) or 2) they’re a bunch of fucking cheap asses.  Now, granted, I’m no market analysisizer type person, nor do I follow them particularly close.  And this is solely opinion and speculation.  But, how else would you reason that they’d cut off their nose despite $1,000?

Keep up the great work, 3M.

9 Responses to “3M Corporation Bankrupt?”

  1. Melanie Phung Says:

    Tacky, 3M, real tacky. What a sticky mess you’ve made.

  2. John Says:

    My only problem is that the author of that blog post fails to mention how much he initially asked 3M for. In fact, he CONSCIOUSLY left that part out. Why would he do this? Probably because he asked for a lot. I posted this same comment on his blog. Let’s see if he responds.

  3. Melanie Phung Says:

    John – to clarify: the author of the blog (me) is not the person who took the photos. I told the story, but I wasn’t part of it. I’ll consider asking Scott to weigh in if he wishes about those details, but to be honest, I don’t see what difference it makes. The fact is that he countered and they stopped communicating with him. If something is wrong, it’s wrong regardless of the price, no?

    I should also point out that he asked people who deal with photo licensing issues professionally for their opinion and based his asking amount on their advice. Therefore it is highly unlikely that the amount was out of line with the market/industry standards. The price was not outrageous, especially considering the viral success it had already enjoyed, it was simply more than it cost 3M to do it on their own.

    Properly licensing something that already enjoys some amount of celebrity is always going to be more expensive than producing a knock-off… but that’s hardly the point. His counter offer was only $1,000 more than their DIY cost. THAT’s the offer they had to evaluate, and what they decided not to pay.

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