7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week

Alright, another busy week but I actually posted more than once and I got the seven put together!  Go me!  To celebrate I’m gonna’ have a gin and tonic lunch.  Fuck productivity.  That’s what you get for not sending me to a conference.

Anyways, what a week, eh?  I mean, the Georgians and Russians are dragging us all to WW3 and all we get is Olympic coverage and a bunch of other shit that won’t matter when it’s all said and done.  Thanks, MSN and MSNBC.  Keep up the stellar work.  Oh well, I guess I’ll spend this weekend working on the bunker and acquiring generators and firepower.  You all have a good one too.

1. Getaway car drivers are great idea.

2. Perhaps I should have been paying more attention to the Olympics. Or at least to the Eastern European teams.

3. StumbleUpon is reunited families torn apart by, er, well, I don’t know what the hell they were torn apart by. But it must have been pretty traumatic because on of those fellers looks pretty pissed.

4.  You could read Lisa Barone’s live blogging stuff from the conferences, but for real conference feel read her tweets.  For realsies.  Let’s be honest, the industry is a lot like high school (sometimes junior high) and these conferences are like formals and dances.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, we go for the educational aspects, but truly, the real reason to go is so we can see some of the drama we only read about on the interweb.  And her tweets from SES SJ 08 give us just that.  Through her Twitter thingy we got read about fights, hijacked sessions and all kinds of crazy crap that makes a conference worth going to.

5. They didn’t find big foot in Georgia.  I knew it was too good to be true, but a little piece of me still died inside.

6.  SEO Champion can’t write and is fucking crazy.  Interweb marketing rule number one:  you have to know how to write or else how the hell is anyone gonna’ understand any thing you say or rant about?  Seriously – it took me ten tries to decipher some rant that was posted about a session at the conference and my only real conclusion is that this guy or any one on his crew cannot put together a fucking coherent sentence to save their asses.

7.  Bill D. is one of the coolest motherfuckers ever.

4 Responses to “7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week”

  1. Bill D Says:

    You know, this is almost enough to make me put a halt to my elaborate plan to destroy you. Sadly, though, my archvillain cred is already on the line, and the goons are already hired.

  2. Boser Says:

    Re: #2 – U should have been paying A LOT better attention (http://www.celebrity-gossip-buzz.com/2008/08/21/best-picture-so-far-from-the-olympics/) 😉

  3. streko Says:


  4. 7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week « The Worst SEO Blog Ever! Says:

    […] hole (I can’t decide if that’s two words or one) den of awesomeness? Someone going by Boser (I know!!!!!!! Boser!!!). And just when Thursday rolls around and I think I’m gonna’ […]

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