7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week

I’m going to level with you – it’s been a crazy friggin’ week and I didn’t have the time to learn a damn thing.  And it doesn’t look like shit’s going to slow down, so I’m going to apologize for my lame-ass lack of posting right now.  I’m sorry.  I really am.  I’m gonna’ try, but I’m not going to make any promises.  I’ve even been too friggin’ busy to get on the Twitter very often.  And hell, how much effort does that take?

It’s also been a crazy week in general.  I mean, turn on the TV on Monday and what do I see?  Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes are dead.  Then one of the stone arches in Utah collapses.  And some guys in Northern Georgie find a big foot and stuff it in a fridge.  And then it turns out it might be for real!!!  Plus, you have some sheriff’s deputies in Texas catching a chupacabra on the dash-mounted camera in their patrol car.  Actually, that one disappoints me.  I mean, I expected something other than a fucking hairless, mutant coyote.  If they’re gonna’ call it monster, it needs to be a fucking monster!  Ugly, fucked up coyote?  Not a monster.  Hunched over, humanoid vampire that hops around sucking on goats?  Monster.  Then you throw in the election, the crazy shit going down in that other Georgia plus the Olympics (which I hear is still going on there’s something about some guy doing a bunch of stuff) . . . it’s a crazy-ass week.

So, there’s my half-assed excuses.  Tune in next week to see if get a damn thing done or not.

3 Responses to “7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week”

  1. Bill D Says:

    So what, your week was too busy to entertain me because you were too busy sitting around making lame excuses for why your week was too busy to entertain me? That’s kind of entertaining. Circular reasoning fail.

  2. streko Says:

    i told you this blog was a scam.

    i want my money back.

  3. Bill D Says:

    Seriously. I’m on hold with customer service now to get a refund.

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