My Obligatory Post About Cuil

It sucks.  That’s all I have.  And it looks like that’s pretty much what everyone else has been saying.  So, yeah, there’s a new search engine put out by some people from Google and it sucks.

Oh, and this whole trend of naming shit with hard to pronounce names that say something that’s pretty easy to say, what the fuck is up with that?  It looks like a friggin’ made up word.  Is it?  My money is that it is, but I can’t be bothered to look that shit up because I’m lazy and only college kids research shit.  Fuck that.  Why not name it something awesome, like “” or “”?  I mean, the first one is fucking cool.  Who didn’t love the Trans Ams?  And if you say you didn’t, you’re a friggin’ liar.  And the second, it pretty much sums up what this “search engine” is – not Google.   And you can actually say and spell both of those!  The fact that some dumbass (such as moi) can’t remember how to spell your name just spells failure.  And I think your former overlords would concur – dumbasses click on lots of ads and make them lots of money.  Shit, we hit that back button and then click the ad again sometimes!  You really want to keep people like me off your site?

So, in conclusion, I think their search sucks, I hate the layout and really hate the fucking name.  Thank you and have  a good evening.

9 Responses to “My Obligatory Post About Cuil”

  1. Syzlak Says:

    Trans-Ams is fun to say. Say it out loud, it’s good. Another fun word – sixths.

  2. Toni Anicic Says:

    I disagree, I think cuil is grate. I mean, it’s no tthe best search engine out there but it’s probably the only one standing a fighting chance at the moment.

  3. seohack Says:

    @syzlak – malomars is fun too! or the possessive plural form – mahlowmarsis

    @Toni – you really think so? i’ll give them this – they’re different. but they need to really work on cleaning up their SERPs and i don’t know if their page format for showing results is going to win very many fans. it just feels a little cluttered, and even at the two column look, it just doesn’t feel, i don’t know, unlike the front page of craiglist. I also don’t see how they’re going to monetize this. without a design overhaul, they’ve left no space for including ads, unless they go to the two column version as the default. I think that would look as cluttered as the three column version. and then if they run ads on the three column – yikes! they could go the route of paid directory submissions, but they’d need a substantial amount of traffic to get people on board with that. so, aside from not liking that it feels like i’m looking at classified ads instead of search results, i think that they just don’t have a good way to get a lot of money out of this site. Good luck to them, nonetheless.

  4. Toni Anicic Says:

    Once you have people on your site, making money is the last thing you need to worry about 😉 They can but the ads anywhere they want (swap one of the “articles” shown on the first page search with an ad, or put it in the header or in the foother or they can sell text links… the possibilities are endless).

  5. seohack Says:

    see, i think we’ll just have to agree to disagree. 🙂 I think if they try adding ads, they run the risk of alienating people by mixing them in (and making people think they’re being tricked into clicking them) or they run the risk of not showing value to advertisers. Selling links would be interesting, though . . . .

  6. Jaan Kanellis Says:

    I agree on all accounts. The thing doesnt even work.

  7. Bill D Says:

    What, now you want a search engine to work, and to be able to find what you’re looking for? You think that searches for major brands without having the company’s website on page 1 is a problem? You want to be able to say or remember the name of the thing?
    I think that your expectations of a Googlekiller are far too high. It just needs to be kind of weird, grab the attention of SEO bloggers for two days so everyone can have a shot at misspelling the silly name, then go away. That’s how Googlekillers work. Look at Mahalo.
    Oh, and apparently the name is a Gaelic thing. Something to do with that Matt Dillon movie (

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