SES San Jose 08 Is A Dude Fest. Happy, Mr. Gray?

In my email this morning, I saw some message from the Search Engine Strategies people about how they updated the list of speakers for SES San Jose 08 or something or other. Hell, I think that’s what it was. Doesn’t matter; I was friggin’ bored, so I clicked on it.

What did I find, you ask? Michael Gray got his wish – an SEO sausage party!

Seriously, are these people not paying attention? Lord knows I’m not a feminist. I mean, I like chicks and all that, but this isn’t about me taking a Women’s Studies course. This is about some big-time industry event seemingly not finding any capable women to speak at their SEO conference*. It’s not like SES San Jose is something me and Syzlak put together in the backyard and invited our favorite drunks people we respect. Hell no. This search marketing conference represents the fucking industry. By the way, if Syzlak and I were to put on an event such as SES San Jose, you can bet your ass we’d have more ladies there than just strippers. Well, I hope. Actually, probably not. It’d likely be just the two of us bitching at each other while getting drunk. Without strippers.

So, anyways, congrats, Mr. Gray. You have taken the mommy bloggers to task and now have a total dude-fest for you to party down at. Now THAT is power!

*I know that there probably are some women speakers there, but looking at the page I linked to, you’d think they were “second class citizens”. 😉

8 Responses to “SES San Jose 08 Is A Dude Fest. Happy, Mr. Gray?”

  1. Rebecca Kelley Says:

    The two best female speakers in the industry will be speaking at the SEOmoz seminar the same week as SES San Jose.

    (and by “two best female speakers,” I of course mean Rand and Rand. He’s on two panels.)

  2. Rhea Says:

    LOL. At the post and Rebecca. As a card carrying member of the SEO vag brigade I’ve been disturbed by the lack of high quality ladies at recent conferences. That being said I’m also not stepping up to be one of those ladies… way to not set an example. The SEOmoz seminar has a few faces, but the old school, down and dirty SEO chicks are still missing. If Michael wants to have his man fest, you’re right, he’s got it!

  3. streko Says:

    wtf? Ms. Rebecca & Ms. Rhea all up on this piece.

    shit hack, you are going all rockstar on us now.

  4. rishil Says:

    I think I should send my JD avatar to some of these conferences…

  5. graywolf Says:

    So why does everyone change my argument from wanting a balanced speaker group to the incorrect interpretation of “I want only/more men speaking” … cause it’s much more shocking and provocative … oh and completely incorrect.

    The page you show is male dominated and if you wanted to make that case bark up the SES tree.

    However if you look at the actual speaker page the first sessions all have women speakers or moderators, so go look somewhere else 😉

  6. seohack Says:

    @rebecca – i love a nice sponsored tie-in. speaking of the “sponsored” part, is the check in the mail?

    @rhea – dag – manfest! i totally spaced it!

    @streko – (OMG i know!!!!!!!!!!) yeah, that’s how the hack rolls.

    @rishil – PLEASE DO. PLEASE. DO.

    @graywolf – heheheh. you don’t like my post or the dudefest? 😦 whaaaa! seriously though, after beating up the mommy bloggers conference for not prominently featuring or having male speakers or mods, by not making an equally big stink about something like this, i don’t know, it just seems kinda’ funny. no? really?

    also, i just followed the first link in the email they sent me. this is what they wanted to feature. and i’m glad they’re featuring those gentlemen, but where are the ladies? and i clicked on that link to the agenda, and you’re right, there are pics of the women speakers featured on that page. oh, what was that? there aren’t? oh well, at least they’re mentioned on the same page as the men. that’s as good as having your pic displayed on that page with all the male speakers. *cough*cough*

  7. Rebecca Kelley Says:

    Yes, it’s scheduled to arrive at your fortress of hackitude shortly.

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