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Day 3 – Free Melanie Phung!

July 10, 2008

It’s apparent my plea to let Melanie’s domain be unblocked by the Sphinn has fallen on deaf ears. It’s a travesty, I’m sure, but I’m sure the Sphinn has its reasons. The Streko even went as far as to sfin the initial post that started the revolution. Granted, it was done in Mad Libs (which are great for family fun!), yet the Sphinn blocks Melanie’s domain.

I started a hunger strike, but after an hour I yielded. Hey, I’m a fat guy, give me a fucking break! Sure, if i was a fucking vegetarian it’d be easy! You ever try a fucking tofu dog? Exactly. There’s a reason those people are fucking scrawny. Then I decided to go on a booze-strike. After half an hour I got the shakes so bad and it felt like bugs were crawling all over me that I yielded then too. I thought about a blog strike, but realized with a readership of four or so, it wouldn’t really matter so much. I thought about taking down the interweb, but quickly realized I’m too lazy and too dumb to try that. Besides, then where would I get my porn? From the corner store like a common politician? Fuck that.

So, the Sphinn, I urge you to do the right thing and let Melanie Phung’s domain free from your gulag. She’s a good person, and she likes puppies and babies and rainbows*. How evil can she be if she like babies and puppies and rainbows? Unblock her domain today.

*This statement has not been verified as a fact. She may actually hate kick puppies, shake babies and point at rainbows (as you all know, pointing at rainbows makes them go away. When the hell did I get to know so much about rainbows?). But even if she doesn’t, please don’t hold that against her. Just unblock her friggin’ URL already!**

** As it turns out, she does like puppies and rainbows.  Don’t hold that against her either.