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Sphinn: Free Melanie Phung!!!

July 8, 2008

Whoa – I mean, not that this is promotion where you get a free Ms. Phung with every comment.  I mean, that’d be cool and all, but I don’t think she’d be down with that.  Besides, with a whopping three readers, that means there’d need to be like, what, five of her?  I digress.

The point of this post isn’t that there’s some sort of Melanie Phung give-away.  It’s quite to the contrary.  Earlier, I tried to post an incredibly well-written, enlightened article about social media marketing from her blog to the Sphinn.  I mean, those people seem to eat that shit up.  Mention Digg or the Twitter and it’s a damn near orgy of, er, well, those people get excited.  So, in the spirit of sharing (hard to believe, I know.  What can I say, I’m a stingy motherfucker!), I eagerly went to the Sphinn to submit Ms. Phung’s article and was met with:

URL is invalid or blocked: (

Huh?  Melanie Phung’s blog’s URL was blocked?  Did they have the right person?

I tried again and received the same result.  Melanie Phung, who’s on there quite a bit, making comments, reporting spam and promoting other people’s stories, can not have one of her stories promoted on the Sphinn.

Surely, this must be some sort of mistake.  I mean, my blog isn’t banned and I had that one crazy lady call me and the Streko liar and rapists on the Sphinn and I managed to piss in the Cheerios of that one “comedian” (using the term extremely lightly) with the sombrero.  Hell, I was even too controversial for Michael “Matt Cutts Is A Clown” Gray at one time!  All I’m really known for is my loyalty to the word of Ms. Whalen (seriously, let me know if anyone’s fucking with you), kicking ass in the poop porn and generally being awesome.  Melanie, on the other hand, is actually a valuable member of the community.  Me, not so much.  Though I did give all you all SEO Standards (I have yet to receive any oxen or children, btw).  But Melanie, she’s finding and sharing good information while creating some of the more compelling pieces about search marketing.  And yet her domain is banned.

Banned.  As in, not able for a jackass like me to post a well-written piece to it.  As in, “Gee, thanks for participating, Melanie!  Someone wants to submit an article of yours?  Well, I’m sorry.  You’ll have to go fuck yourself.”  As in total fucking bullshit.

It just seems weird to me that despite all the crazy and questionable shit that pops up in there from time to time, Melanie’s blog is banned.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  And if it doesn’t make sense to you, I urge you to take up the “Free Melanie Phung (not that she’s in jail but we just want her blog to be un-banned in the Sphinn)” cause.  Join the movement.  Get engaged.  The revolution is afoot.