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7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week

July 7, 2008

So, this was almost all ready to go.  All I needed to do was pull the trigger and it was done.  But I fucked up.  You see, for the working class, the Fouth of July is nice, but really, the day to whoop it up is the Third of July.   You never get the Fifth of July off, unless you have a job that actually gives you weekends off.  But if you don’t?  Getting fucked up on the Fourth just means you’re gonna’ go to work hung over.  In the end, the big day to celebrate on is the Third.  But you know what?  People get all sorts of pissy and “Martha-call-the-cops-“y when you get drunk and start setting off fireworks at 11 o’clock at night on the Third.  And apparently cops don’t like it when you offer them a beer and say, “Chillax, oinky!”

Anyways, here’s this week’s 7.

1. Being rich is fucking awesome. Some poor, black ghetto kid or white trash trailer park kid – their shit would be in the stir for five to ten. But some 40 some year old Hollywood crack tramp with a good name? $95 and two half days of talking about her fucking feelings. Justice for all. Fuck that. Shit should be burning over this.

2. Apparently, there’s some sort of consumer electronics show in Vegas the same weekend as the hollowed AVN Awards show.

3. I don’t care if balloon artists have a code of conduct, I still don’t think the search industry needs one.

4. If you’re looking to make your wealth re-distribution economic stimulus check go further, head to the outskirts of Reno, comrade. Double your pleasure?

5. Looking at hot chicas is good for improving mood. Looking at douchebags is good for self esteem. Combining hot chicks and douchebags is genius. Though, I don’t think this does for women’s self-esteem. Seriously – if you have a bunch of girls that are considered pretty having their pics snapped with these douchebags, what does it say about about those gals? I mean, the men are douchebags. But

6. That dude who’s not a dude but a trans-dude that was supposed to be a dude having a baby had the baby. So in other words, some chick with extreme body mod had a kid or something. Thanks for keeping on eye on this developing story while on vacation, the Streko!

7.  Google is now able to crawl flash.  Lovely.  I’d bitch about this, but I doubt I’d say anything different than what Syzlak said.  Oh, except that the interweb is gonna’ totally suck for fuckers with the dial-up.

Alright all you all.  See ya Friday, I hope.