Hey, CompuServe! Get Bent!

Okay, I know people steal shit all the time.  I’ve come to accept on that on the interweb, your shit is going to get scraped, stolen and re-purposed to make some fuckwad some cash.  Fine.  But when it’s a company that not only steals your fucking content, but your page design as well, and then puts it in frames . . . fuck that.  Well, sure, it isn’t my page design, but it still pisses me the fuck off.

Fuck you, CompuServe.  Fuck you and fuck your pervo little fuckwad user-tard that found this den of awesomeness through your shit-ass stealing.  I hope that fucker was pissed that he didn’t find the awesome porn he was looking for and fucking quits your asses and uses a real fucking search engine.

And don’t give me that “they could click Remove Frame and that’d take them to your site” bullshit.  Firstly, I highly doubt they’d bother.  The fucker would see that there was no poop porn or awesome porn or whatever his fucking sick-ass jolly is and then go back to your crappy-ass search.  Second, what the fuck good is it doing me?  “You get a link!” you say.  Fuck that.  I don’t want to rank for “Remove Frame”.  I want to rank for something awesome, like “Totally Fucking Awesome Blog You Must Read!” or hell, I’d even settle for “poop porn”.  I’m not particular.

So, anyways, dearest CompuServe, have a nice shot of Go Fuck Yourselves on the house.  Fuckers.

2 Responses to “Hey, CompuServe! Get Bent!”

  1. Bill D Says:

    So. . . . feeling a little ambivalent about CompuServe? Just to clear things up, I’ve never seen you pop up for “poop porn.” Yet.

  2. streko Says:

    You typed “fuck” 18 times.

    Your keyword density was a high percentage. Stop trying to spam the google and rank for “fuck”

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