Worst Blog Of All Time? I Need Your Help!

I know there’s a lot of you out there that don’t feel this SEO blog is worth a Google fridge, a rubber chicken or a SEMMY. I’ve come to terms with that. I accept that this is a den of mediocrity; I’m okay with that. Seriously, things are better now than they were last January.

BUT – I’ve been nominated again, suckers! That’s right! Not only am I fucking legit, I’ve been nominated for an award I think I am worthy of for a change. Comrade Melanie has nominated the Worst SEO Blog Ever for Worst Blog Of All Time! That’s right!

Now, you’d think I’d be a friggin’ shoo-in for this, but I’ve checked out the competition. As it turns out, the current leader for Worst Blog Of All Time is friggin’ Perez Hilton. Now, all you all know how I feel about his dog. But this isn’t about dogs. This is about the worst blog ever. And I’m up against a giant. That fucker has media exposure from all over and a dedicated following of lovers and haters. This fucker, on the other hand, has a loyal few (not to be mistaken for fucking Criss Angel’s Loyal, who we will CRUSH when it’s go time) and absolutely no love or hate from anybody. I tried to get hate mail and it didn’t work. The fucking media don’t know who the hell I am. But dye your hair pink and use MS Paint to draw cum on some movie star’s face and you’re a fucking celebrity. You see what I’m up against.

So please, help a fucker. I’m not asking for cash (though I won’t turn any down!) and I’m not asking for you to adopt anything. Hell, if you hate children, I don’t care. This isn’t about kids. This is about some pissant taking down a media giant. And if you care, even better – if you don’t care, then vote for the Worst SEO Blog Ever! in the category Worst Blog Of All Time. Your vote won’t matter this November. But it will matter when you vote for the Worst SEO Blog Ever! Make difference. Help a fucker.

Thank you for your support.

6 Responses to “Worst Blog Of All Time? I Need Your Help!”

  1. streko Says:

    wtf i need to make an account to vote? thats a bunch of bullshit.

  2. Melanie Phung Says:

    It’s how we keep the riff raff out.

  3. Bill D Says:

    Seriously. Sounds like a scam to me. I can’t be sure, but I bet it’s some sort of affiliate thing that Hack is hitting us with. He probably gets a nickel for each one of us he scams into joining that crap. Man, this really is the worst blog ever. Which means that I have to go vote for it. Shit. Brilliant.

  4. seohack Says:

    alright, you all, thanks for voting. and if it is a scam, i’m not getting a cut, which kind of pisses me off. at any rate, i have a long battle ahead of me and i appreciate your support! once we defeat Perez Hilton, we shall move to CRUSH Criss Angel’s Loyal. There will be blood.

  5. Bill D Says:

    Well, I for one am always down for inordinate violence perpetrated on anyone even peripherally involved with Criss Angel.

  6. Justin Says:

    I gave you a vote, looks like you are up to 8.

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