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I’m Legit, Bitches!!!

June 17, 2008

That’s right!

All you all who said I was a dumbass and a clown and that I wouldn’t ever be taken seriously (I’m looking at you, dad), kiss my ass!  I’ve been quoted!  Not only have I been quoted, I had a whole paragraph!  And not only was it a whole paragraph, it was actually something about SEO!  How you all like me now?

Furthermore, that quote-job did something that I am totally unable to do – make me look halfway intelligent.  That’s right – me look smart!  It’s pretty fucking incredible, I know, but there it is!  In black and white to boot!  And these folks don’t lie (I hope, ‘cuz they make me look real good here!).

And this isn’t the first time I’ve looked like I know what I’m doing.  You all read about how the awesome blog people told everyone but me and two other people to kill their blogs.  And those people know their shit.

So, the lessons here?  I type stuff that people read.  And I may not end up in the gutter searching for half smoked cigarettes and loose change like the guidance counselor said I would after all.  In your faces!