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Twitter – Way To Piss All Over Your Shoes

June 12, 2008

If a newcomer with a slick interface starts stepping all over your dick and taking your users, the best response is to not keep showing a big, white whale.  Especially when all it does is make you look large and slow.  Way to make it easy for the other to move into your territory.

You got to tune your shit and get it ready to run.  Some new punk all up in your shit?  Show ’em why it’s hard to beat the first one in the space.  Don’t just encourage people to dump your ass and go and use the new kid.  The fucking new kid is pretty fucking cool.  And the only reason so many people know is because you can’t keep your cracked ass up and running.  Shit, I like the new kid better.  You know why?  He’s a lot more fun and he’s actually able to do shit more than once in a while!

Then when there’s people saying you’re gonna’ get a ton of money and shit, being broken all the time just makes you look like a fucking clown!  You used to be big, man!  You used to be somebody!  Now, you’re just, I don’t know, you’re just quiet and broken and shit.

You’re just broken.  And everybody used to like you best.