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SMX Advanced Too White, Too Black or Too Who Gives a Shit?

June 10, 2008

Last week was the famed SMX Advanced in lovely (yes, I’m being kind) Seattle. Ah, I remember last year’s SMX Advanced. Well, sort of. I mean, I remember drinking a lot with Syzlak if that counts for anything. I think at the Microsoft kick-off party at one point I had secured seven beverages for myself in one place. Yes, you read that correctly – at one point I had in my possession seven un-drunk(?) drinks waiting to be drank. Sad, I know. Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t allowed to go to this year’s.

So, apparently, they did it again this year and some people are upset and wringing their hands that it was too black hat, which then prompted the Danny to write something that defended his conference or something (I think, I just read the headline). Now some others are wringing their hands that perhaps it wasn’t black enough or something (I’ll read the article later, promise!). At least that’s how I think it’s going. To be honest, I can’t be assed into reading them because it’s these people being all upset about being at a conference and learning something when a poor bastard such as myself had to stay home and work.

That’s right! Some poor motherfuckers didn’t get to go! And then you all keep rubbing our ignorant ass noses in the fact we might have missed something totally awesome in the Give It Up session or some of the other ones! I don’t think you all actually care that it was too black or white or gray or whatever. As a matter of fact, I’m convinced all you all are just taking this opportunity to throw it up in my face and say, “HA HA! SEO Hack is a stupid, cheap-ass!” That’s it, isn’t? Yeah, you know what, I’m going to put together my own fucking conference and it will be fucking awesome. And then all you all will have to listen to me gloat about all the awesome shit I talked about and whether or not I should have talked about it.

Anyways, apparently to some of you all having the opportunity to learn and worry about learning this shit is important, I get that. But honestly, in the end, does it really matter all that much? Seriously? I’d have an opinion, but, oh yeah, I DIDN’T GET TO GO.