Search Industry Productivity Increases 600% In May

For May 14th and 15th, the Twitter has been unavailable. As a result, productivity across the search marketing sector has increased by over 600%.

“It’s astounding,” said Blair Warner of Garrett Search Marketing in Eastland. “For the last two days, not only have we seen an increase in productivity, our clients are seeing incredible returns on their campaigns. May is going to huge for us – and I imagine across the entire search engine marketing industry as a whole!”

Twitter estimates search marketers will be back to wasting time and fucking around researching Twitter’s marketing potential as soon as Thursday afternoon.

3 Responses to “Search Industry Productivity Increases 600% In May”

  1. Bill D Says:

    I think that I may be the only full-time SEO on the planet to be just now hearing about this. The websites that I dick around on are doing just fine. Which means that my relative productivity is down some [mathmathmath]%. Damn you Twitter, you fucked me again!

  2. Chris Says:

    Brilliant. I have just reposted this on
    Our network loves it!!


  3. May ‘08: Best Search/Marketing Posts Says:

    […] Hack/Worst SEO Blog Ever: Search Industry Productivity Increases 600% In May Feel free to share this with friends: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers […]

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