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I’ve Been Scraped!

May 12, 2008

Yeah, it’s true. Some motherfucker has scraped my content and is displaying it as their own. Dumb ass.

While it is a compliment to see that my stuff has some value to someone, the thing that pisses me off more than the fact he doesn’t give me a shout out is the motherfucking, Bangkok-living-in, chicken molester is that he hasn’t even got any sort of authority to share back with me! The duck fucker has a friggin’ white Google Toolbar (I know, I know, don’t pay attention to that shit. Whatever.)! I’m not getting jack from the links coming back to my friggin’ den of awesomeness! What the hell!

Hey, douchebag, if you’re gonna’ steal my shit, at least make sure the motherfucking piece of shit scrape blog you’ve set up has some benefit. You’re not even running any fucking Adsense! What’s the point? Just to see if you can build a scraper? And assuming you are with Porray Co., Ltd, in Thailand, you’d think you dumb bastards would have done enough paying attention to make sure you didn’t lose your domain – or at least that when you did lose it you went and changed all the links going back to you in the site you all set up. Hell, even your boy(?) Saravut Srisakate can only add a Google search bar to an otherwise blank page to create a Thai search engine! You people are an embarrassment. I feel embarrassed for you. And I imagine Thailand is embarrassed by you as well. You all are probably lucky they don’t drag your embarrassing asses into the street and cane them. And certainly if I were the Royal Pacific Hotel I’d be embarrassed to be associated with you people and be looking to rid the homepage of that link to

So, Saravut (, assuming you even come over here and read this shit, do me a favor. If you’re gonna’ steal my shit, link back to my original article and give me credit. And if you can’t do that, at least make your piece of shit scraper blog worthwhile enough to give the links I have in my posts something! I mean, c’mon! Help a fucker that you’re fuckin’ over, wontcha?

UPDATE – As it turns out, Saravut was wrongly fingered in this incident and was not scraping my content, just hosting the scraped content.  Saravut, I apologize.