Happy Cinco de Mayo – Yahoo! Defeats Microsoft (sort of)!

Normally, Cinco de Mayo is a day I love because of it’s historical prominence.  That, and any excuse to get drunk is a good holiday (hence, why I’m not a big Easter fan.  Even Christmas has booze!).  So what has today making me more excited than the Mexicans using cows to defeat the French?  MSN has dropped their bid to totally fuck up buy Yahoo!

Apparently, Ballmer is better at reading between the lines than dancing.  That’s right – after friggin’ cheap ass Microsoft offered them a few bucks more per share, Yang was like “Let me think about this, ‘cuz, you know, that will only buy two KFC Snackers per share. . . .” and Ballmer was like “Whatever.  You realize, overall, that’s a lot of Snackers” and then to the press, “Hey man, we can do advertising stuff too!  We know how to monetize!  Well, except for search . . . .” and now it’s all “Hey Yang – suck it!”

Just as the small but brave Mexican army outflanked and stampeded the French, I like to think Yang has outflanked and stampeded Microsoft and Ballmer.  Only, instead of cows, he used procrastination.  And instead of getting Microsoft to retreat in defeat, they retreated out of something that wasn’t fear nor defeat.  I don’t know what it was.  All I am is glad is that Yahoo! is still Yahoo! and MSN is still shitty.  Life is back to normal.

So, while many will celebrate that victory on a muddy slope in Puebla in 1862, I’m going to celebrate the non-triumph of Yahoo! remaining independant from the all thumbs club of Microsoft.  Now, I have a margarita calling me . . . .

6 Responses to “Happy Cinco de Mayo – Yahoo! Defeats Microsoft (sort of)!”

  1. streko Says:

    my official prediction.

    MSN will wait 6-8 months and make another lower offer, by then yahoo will be so broke it will accept it.

    They are going to kick themselves that they didn’t take this offer.

  2. Jaan Kanellis Says:

    Not sure if they will go broke offering Google AdWords on every SERP

  3. The Bagel of Everything Says:

    I’m going to slather a Mexican in mayonnaise.

  4. Bill D Says:

    I say good for Yahoo!, managing to make Ballmer get bored and go home. It’s a shame that they may have had to whore themselves out to Google to do it, but then, we all have to suckle at the teat of Mother Google from time to time. Don’t think that image through too much, you may not sleep too well.

  5. seohack Says:

    @ streko – no way in hell. y! will take it in the shorts for a few months and then come out with a killer app. and by killer app i mean a giant mech to destroy microsoft and much of the redmond area.

    @ jaan – i’m still laughing about your twitter testimonial! lol

    @ bagel – see, i prefer a frenchie slathered in mustard.

    @ Bill D – mmmm, google milk

  6. seohack Says:

    if we’re making predictions (and i wish more people had), i’m guessing if microsoft comes back around at all, they’ll wait a year or two. ballmer will get dance dance revolution all over some other company, and it’ll blow up. The problem with microsoft is they’re good at developing shit, but horrible at maintaining in my opinion. Look at MSN – used to be legit (somewhat, but at least comparable to y! in search). now, laughable. Windows – excellent product. then they piss off the PC manufacturers by hoisting Vista on them. Xbox 360 – sure was awesome when it came out. But wasn’t the latest of those plagued with issues?

    microsoft is one of those companies who could even fuck up a wet dream.

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