How Much?

Man, what a day. Not very often does one get called a liar, let alone likened to a rapist, murderer, thief or spammer (would be interesting to see which of the five you find to be the worst insult!) in one day. But every once in a while something crazy like that happens, and it causes you to reflect on what you’ve been doing. Am I really that bad of a guy? I mean, I only desphinned a post and now, now I’m on par with a rapist? Well, I won’t get into what kind of person makes those kind of statements. But it did bum me out a little and made me realize that perhaps there are just some communities left best to ignore.

I was feeling pretty blue about the whole thing. Then Streko, who must’ve known I was feeling a bit glum (and is also a liar on par with rapists, murderers, thieves and spammers), sent me a link that lifted my spirits a bit. And then it made me scratch my head and think, what the fuck? Not even WTF – a full-on spelled out What the Fuck? I went to the blog value site he pointed out and, believe it or not, this shit hole is worth $63,793.02. Holy shit! That’s a whole lot of money! I mean, Syzlak was worth $23,146.14 and Streko, well, they would give him $4,516.32 (that’s not a value judgement!). But still. That’s a whole lot of money! Imagine all the gin, tonic and ammunition one could purchase!

However happy it made me, I had to crash down to reality. While this applet was fun and I’ll probably add the widget code to the side bar (because it cracks me the fuck up! $60 fucking thousand!), the reality of the situation is that if it’s only valuing links, then it’s hard to determine the true value of a blog (and I’m not just talking about this one). I mean hell, there’s content, loyalty to the person writing the content, all the other stuff they’ve been involved in . . . or not involved in . . . .

So in reality, if you take into the account of the quality of this product (poor), the reliability of its proprietor (poor), the quality of its links (could be pretty good!) and the loyalty of its readers (the best ten people in the world!), then I have a feeling it’s overvalued. Though, dump the proprietor and this shit hole may actually be worth somewhere in that $60,000 neighborhood.

With that said, I am taking all offers. Cash preferred. Livestock considered.

12 Responses to “How Much?”

  1. Ensign One of Ten Says:

    Chin up, kiddo – The sfinn is just an echo chamber, one from which no light (let alone value judgments) can escape. And think of all the new Twitter followers you’ve probably gotten out of this.

    As a bonus, it looks like WP’s “possibly related posts” for this here page are real winners.

  2. Bill D Says:

    You’re not really curious. However, worst to best: Rapist, Spammer, the others.
    And I’ll give you a goat for your blog. A goat and three dollars, and I’ll go no higher. It ain’t sixty grand, but it’ll feed the family.

  3. streko Says:

    @Bill D – You better watch out, there is a good chance that SEOHack is gonna take you up on that. So better go prep the goat.

  4. Matt Davies Says:

    Hahaha, that is too funny. I just reckon SportstareDuro just knows something we don’t, hence the shady “SEOHack” moniker.

    Hmmm… Murder, rape, lies… You weren’t in Portugal this time last year were you?

  5. Bill D Says:

    @streko: I’m not sure that a goat can ever be ready for going to live with SEOHack. They have sensitive psyches.

  6. Rebecca Kelley Says:

    You’re not a bad guy. Granted, I don’t actually know you, but you seem innocuous enough online. Fuck those haters.

  7. seohack Says:

    @ you awesome people – thanks for the support you all! i really do appreciate it. =)

    @ 1 of 10 – heheheh, sometimes i do need a little perspective.

    @ Bill D. – what kind of goat we talking? and you got any oxen?

    @ Matt – nah, my passport got yanked before that (thank god!)

    @ Rebecca – you stopped by! and can you really know anybody? really?

  8. The Bagel of Everything Says:

    seohack seem to enjoy creating drama and negtivity i see

    And an angel of the Lord came unto the tribe of the Internets, and did decree “Savest thine drama for thine llama.”

  9. Bill D Says:

    @SEOHack: I’m fresh out of oxen. Had a big bacchanal last week. I’m not sure what kind of goat it is, exactly, but it’s big and it’s slutty.

  10. greatscott! Says:

    I have said it for a long time now: SpHinn, where the ‘H’ is for ‘Handjob.’

  11. seohack Says:

    @ bagel – amen!

    @ Bill D – no oxen, no deal. no matter how slutty the goat. and surely that can’t hurt my being associated with rapists, murderers and thieves much, can it?

    @ guy who works with Rebecca Kelley – heheheh, no wonder the debate on pronouncing the H!

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    […] it’s pretty good, but when I showed it to the dog the fucker bit me (maybe I should take Bill D up on his offer).  That could be taken as a sign of things to come.  At any rate, as I said, I think it’s […]

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