MSN Does Astrology? WTF?

So, the company that can’t seem to seal the deal on the Yahoo! proposal do astrology? How long have they been doing this?

Obviously, they can’t do it worth a shit or they’d figure out how to dominate search. I’m sure it’s in the cards or the runes or something. Either way, they haven’t consulted their astrologer or their astrologer is just bad. Really bad. So bad that they can’t look at the tea leaves or what have you to tell MSN how to gain market share and take over Yahoo!. But while they can’t tell their boss people how to do the search business better, they can recommend what to read. Yeah, based on stereotypes of your sign.

Furthermore, if these people are so bad at search, what makes them think they can find my future?  They outsource this to Yahoo! or Google?

So anyways, way to go MSN. You’ve found yet another way to confound me.

7 Responses to “MSN Does Astrology? WTF?”

  1. Jaan Kanellis Says:

    WOW, dont know what to say. You would think someone would tell them that Vista would suck as bad as their SERPs

  2. seohack Says:

    Jaan – that has to be the comment of the week! hahahhahahhahahahha!!!

  3. streko Says:

    nope. quote of the week is

    “If you are a tool bag, then you write your own wikipage…”

    Syzlak should have sent you the memo. Jaan’s can be next weeks quote.

  4. seohack Says:

    screw syzlak. He should of made that comment here!

  5. streko Says:

    actually i made that comment to Syzlak referring to some SEO’s who are making their own wikipages…

  6. seohack Says:

    so, you’re telling me you’re giving me sloppy seconds? what the hell?

    and i take back my “screw syzlak” comment.

  7. Bullets and Buttons Says:

    […] Scatman: I’m afraid your question contains a logical fallacy, sir, which, like sloppy seconds, we cannot condone; but that doesn’t make it a total waste: you’ve committed the fallacy of […]

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