A Lesson From That Justin Guy

For all you image-conscious hand-wringers out there, this one’s for you.  It’s an easier than hell way to improve the image of SEO/SEM people everywhere.

So, a while back I wrote a post about some guy that spammed the Sphinn with his loving review of the iPhone.  I wasn’t very kind.  I was kind of a dick.  Well, I like to think more like an asshole, but the word “dick” would be applicable here.

Anyways, this guy came back and replied.  I was figuring he’d come in, barrels blazing and tossing out the hate-bombs like the StumbleUpon crew did when I merely signed up.  But no such luck.  Unlike others in our industry who get all bent out of shape when people call them on their shit, he came back, respectably defended himself and apologized.  So, instead of being an asshole, he made me look like an asshole.  Er, a bigger asshole.

What can we learn from this guy?

1.  If someone calls you on your shit, you have two options.  Own it or don’t.  If you own it, do it like a fucking  grown-assed man and own it.  Don’t shy away from it and act like a fucking whiney-assed brat who needs to have his (or her) ass spanked.

2.  Apologize.  Sure, he didn’t apologize in the Sphinn, but he apologized in this friggin’ black hole.  He had his reasons, but he apologized.  Again, something that a grown-assed man does.  And as far as I know, he didn’t file with the local police or Feds.

3.  Don’t be an asshole!!!  Justin was respectful, honest and even a little humorous.  But he wasn’t a dick.  He didn’t call me a hypocrite or an ass or even a bully.  He stuck up for himself (and those damn sunglasses), said his piece and moved on.  By doing this, I went out and looked at some of his other posts.  In the end, I ended up looking like an asshole.

There you have it.  Three simple steps to make yourself as an online marketer to look better.  And in doing so, you might even bring up the prestige of pricks like me.  Get yourself in the middle of a shit storm and this might help, you know, if you care what others think.  If not, well, wrap your hands and get ready to brawl.

So, go read the Life of Justin and click on some of those ads so this cat gets paid.   Maybe even buy one of those bathroom stall hammocks.  At any rate, for a iPhone loving, Facebook being on entrepreneurial type, he ain’t all bad.  Plus, he’s managed to piss off the Facebook.  He can’t be all bad!

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