As It Turns Out . . . .

 . . . . this blog wasn’t being hacked.

Friday, I noticed a bunch of pages updated on the ol’ dashboard.  Realizing that I didn’t update them (remember, I’m lazy.  Why the hell would I do that?  Drunk, maybe?), I naturally assumed that someone decided to hack into my compooter and take over the Worst SEO Blog Ever!!!

So, of course, that meant I couldn’t get on the interweb ever again.  Ever.

Then, after a few days of panicking and avoiding the interweb, I decided to log in this morning.  Then I decided to do some reading.  Apparently, I wasn’t hacked.  My datas weren’t at risk.  It was some sort of weirdo thing happening with the WordPress.

Lesson learned?  That they may or may not be out to get me.  And maybe reading is a good thing.  Maybe.

2 Responses to “As It Turns Out . . . .”

  1. SticKer Says:

    I guess it must have happened when they were updating their system.

  2. The Bagel of Everything Says:

    Where did you read about the ‘weirdo thing happening’?
    Are you sure it was a secure source?

    The rabbit hole is deep, hack.

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