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7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week

February 15, 2008

1. Dogs are twisted motherfuckers.

2. Some products are better in concept than in reality.

3. 95% is not enough for some tea pots.

4. Texas is going to be a whole helluva’ lot happier. Well, at least maybe the ladies there will be.

5. Meth makes people stupid. I know that one seems obvious. But the depth of stupidity is pretty incredible.

6. Scotland is a magical place where beer is cheaper than water.

7. I found something I might hate more than Criss Angel – Criss Angel fans. I don’t though. I really can’t stand that magic emo-boy motherfucker. All I can say is this chick is embarrassing to anyone who has ever had ink put to skin. And the fucker who did this should be drug out into the street and forced to watch fucking Mind Freak until he gouges his own eyes out and cuts off his own hand. I wil then take that hand and bitch slap him and that Criss Angel fan girl with it.  At the very least, someone should do her a favor and take her dumb ass in for some fucking tattoo removal.  Stupidest fucking tattoo I’ve seen since some jackass got the Taco Bell chihuahua sitting on the shitter tattooed on his arm.  And that’s pretty stupid.