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I’m a Uniter, Not a Divider

February 12, 2008

Turns out that I’m the one who could turn the reputation of the search industry around. “What’s that?” you ask.

Remember all that bullshit when aimClear was all upset and calling the Feds about some assholes on StumbleUpon after he got one of their compadres banned? And how there was all this hand-wringing and bullshit about the reputation of the search industry and how it needed to be fixed? Then how our boy Syzlak wrote a good, but largely ignored post about our perception and part of the problem we have? Yeah, all that? Well, it turns out I’m the answer to the problem.

You all know how humble I am, so this isn’t just some braggart bragging about how fucking awesome he is, though I am pretty fucking awesome. I think when some people think “SEO Hack”, they automatically think “fucking awesome”. Try it with your friends. But anyways, I digress. When I signed up for StumbleUpon, I immediately had two people come and tell me how awesome I was. Well, actually, they more less stated that I’m an asshole, I don’t belong on StumbleUpon and that if they had their way me and my ilk would be butchered with our guts strung up in the trees while they fucked our severed heads. Hey, it’s their sick fantasy, not mine. But have you seen my review page lately? If you haven’t, shame on you. Seriously, what the hell is your problem? If you have, you will see that one of the mindless haters is being a little more mindful and less of a hater. He actually says I’m okay. I’m okay! Okay, so he just says he retracts his earlier statement. Well, it’s not fucking awesome, but it’s sure a whole helluva’ lot better than having my guts strung up in some tree for magpies to pick at while some weird motherfucker has his or her way with my cranium.

So what am I getting at here? I should be a keynote speaker at SES or SMX, goddammit! That I am fucking awesome and I am the poster child for bridging the gap between the search community and the rest of the world because, to be honest, the rest of you all are really fucking it all up.

Thank you and go sphinn Syzlak’s post.