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Good On You, Yahoo!

February 11, 2008

So, Yahoo! told Microsoft to take their bid and more or less shove it up their ass. Yesssss!!!

While they said it was because the Microsoft bid totally “undervalued” Yahoo!. By “undervalue”, I think they meant “fuck it up like a gorilla sitting on an egg.” And by formally reject, I think they meant “go fuck yourselves you Redmond fuck-shit-uppers”.

Microsoft’s response? Well, not get all Jane Austen on all you all, but it reminded me of that fucking preacher-cousin-guy asking what’s her bucket to marry her over and over again in Pride and Prejudice. You know the girl. The one that was talking shit to that one guy about what a prick he was and it turned out it was that other guy was lying and being a total shit head and so she kind of looked like a total bitch ‘cuz she was full of pride and prejudice? And then they all get married or something. Yeah, that preacher cousin guy was asking her. That girl. And he kept asking her again and again and making a total douchebag of hisself. That’s how Microsoft looks. So, in the above example, Microsoft is the douchebaggy preacher-cousin-guy that’s asking his cousin to marry him and Yahoo! is the girl-who-makes-a-total-bitch-of-herself-in-front-of-that-Colin-Firth- guy-and-is-getting-harrassed-by-her-cousin-the-preacher-to- marry-him-and-not-that-other-guy. Man, there’s a lot of weird shit in that book. Would make for one crazy-ass porno. Anyways, that’s how it looks.

Thumbs up, Yahoo! Way to go!