7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week

1. When you gotta’ go, you gotta’ go.

2. You can do anything as long as you have the rock in you.

3. I could get over my guilt over the music I’ve stolen borrowed if I weren’t so cheap.

4. Booze+ chess = gunfire? Apparently so.

5. Even in Afghanistan it’s hard to find good help these days.

6. Now there’s another reason you don’t want to be seated next to the smelly, sweaty guy on the airplane.

7. Some people are just begging to go to Hell.

5 Responses to “7 Things I Learned On The Interweb This Week”

  1. Syzlak Says:

    the first two links are the same and they both suck.

  2. seohack Says:

    and a good morning to you too, Syzlak! Sounds like someone didn’t get laid and is hungover . . . .

    there, fixed it.

  3. Syzlak Says:

    thanks for fixing it, now only the second link sucks

  4. seohack Says:

    anything to bring a smile to your face.

  5. michael streko Says:

    the porn church shit isn’t that far from my fathers house – i better call him to make sure i don’t have to bail him out.

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