Who the Hell Is Ron Paul?

Seriously, who the hell is he?

I searched for racist on SortFix.com and all I got was some lousy Google page that allowed my to sort “ron” and “paul” from the results.

Is he that one crazy guy that was throwing rocks into a pond? If so, I’m down with throwing rocks into shit. Maybe we could get together and light some dumpsters on fire too. I’m just saying it’s fun. Unless he’s wanting to light dumpsters on fire outside of synagogues and Baptist churches and junk. That I’m not keen on. But out behind the high school or a Starbucks? Right on! As you’re well aware, I’m anti-learning stuff and anti-shitty coffee.

From what I gather from some guy that works with Rebecca Kelley, he’s got some sort of effect on the interweb. And according to the Rebecca, he’s like Snakes On A Plane, but minus anything interesting. Except for that rock throwing thing, if that is him and not some other oldster.

Anyways, if anyone has any information on this Ru Paul, do let me know. Thanks!

5 Responses to “Who the Hell Is Ron Paul?”

  1. Rebecca Kelley Says:

    Girl, Ron Paul better work it! Su-per-mo-del.

    Oh wait, that’s Ru Paul…

    Oh, and it gives me great pleasure to see that you refer to my coworker Scott as “some guy that works with Rebecca Kelley.” That’s awesome. He’ll hate me for that, but still…

  2. greatscott! Says:


    No, no, no…I hate you for many, many other reasons, but not this. You’re much prettier than I am, so I won’t blame Hack for his passionate love for you.

  3. seohack Says:

    heheheehheh, what great is she commented a month ago!!!

  4. greatscott! Says:

    Yeah, yeah. I admit you’d slipped out of my regular rotation. It wasn’t your fault, it was mine, I was totally slacking on my mildly unproductive daily reading. Then I saw you bitching about something somewhere and had to come get caught up. So I’m back and I’ll do my best to leave idiotic comments when and where I can.

  5. dcpmlox Says:

    fuck boob sex

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