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Search Phrase of the Week

January 17, 2008

I took a little break this morning from building the cabinet to house my Cup of Awesomeness to check out a few blog stats.  For a change, the Worst SEO Blog Ever is getting found for phrases other than ones related to poop porn!  Hurray!  It’s nice to see that this blog is appealing to pervos and industry folk alike (and probably a few that qualify as both).  You know me, I’m always trying to build a bridge between different kinds of people, if only to burn that bridge later on.

Anyways, out of all the phrases I was found for yesterday, one stood out.  For one, it wasn’t a single word search, unlike one I got found for on Sunday – “fuckers”.  It was eight words.  8!  Someone searched the interwebs with an eight word long keyword phrase!  Plus, it wasn’t as much as a query as it was a demand.  Someone found the Worst SEO Blog Ever! for an eight word command!  That command you ask?

“let me use msn you fucking stupid asshole” 

Now, while I can agree with the “demander’s” anger, what I don’t agree with is the fact they want to use MSN.  Is this person a fucking idiot?  I don’t care that they think I’m a “fucking stupid asshole”.  Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.   But I will not allow anyone to use MSN.  I forbid this person to use MSN.  If this person uses MSN, they are dead to me.  Has this person not read Syzlak’s excellent post on how asstarded MSN is?  Who uses MSN?  Nobody!  So, in conclusion, before I get back to gilding the SEMMY trophy case, let me offer this bit of bumper sticker advice I co-opted from some drunk driving campaign: Fucking stupid assholes don’t let fucking idiots use MSN.