OMG – Vanessa Fox!!!

Someone pointed out yesterday that the SEMMY The Worst SEO Blog Ever! has been nominated for is going to be judged by none other than Vanessa Fox.

Vanessa Fox!

You don’t understand what this does for my fanboydom.

Already I’m imagining receiving my huge-ass winner’s cup up on the stage. I see myself dressed up in an awesome blue and orange NASCAR fire suit while Vanessa hands me my much deserved trophy while Chris Winfield (he’s the other judge, FYI) starts spraying me and the crowd with champagne from one of those giant bottles. Somehow, the trophy is already full of that magical blend of Slurpee and gin. I take a giant drink from it, and with nuclear green slush pouring off my chin, I hoist the cup in the air. The crowd goes ape shit. Camera flashes ricochet light off her gold-sequined dress and she and Chris start clapping. All of a sudden I’m getting showered with flowers and panties and chew cans. Naturally, I protect the contents of the Cup of Awesomeness from all the debris (really, who wants to drink chew, used undies and flowers?) and then take another chug. Somehow I manage to fight off a brainfreeze. After all, I am the embodiment of all things awesome.

Then, as the crowd quiets and I take a more genteel chug from the gigantic Cup of Awesomeness, Vanessa pats me on the back and says, “Mr. SEO Hack, you have ascended to the pinnacle of awesomeness. Congratulations, sir. Well done.”

And there it is – confirmation of my awesomenss from Vanessa Fox. And for once, it’s positive attention! Double bonus points.

2 Responses to “OMG – Vanessa Fox!!!”

  1. Neuromancer Says:

    dam you 🙂 a cunning plan the meet the foxtress 🙂

  2. michael streko Says:

    epic post.

    can we nominate this one for the SEMMY’s?

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