Of Apple, iPods, iTunes & Assholes – My 3rd Fave Post of December

Before I get into this post, unless you’re new to this blog (for shame!) you know where I stand in regards to Apple, the iPod and all that. I’m not a big fan of Apple or of iPods and am becoming less of a fan of iTunes. But that doesn’t make me a huge fan of PC’s or Windows either. I’m pretty much skeptical of all things electronic (the only things you can trust are rifles and bottles of gin). However, I do know some Apple fanboys and girls. Some of them I admire. But in all my trips across the interweb, I’ve stumbled across a few who I’m pretty sure whip out their teeny wienies and make sweet, sweet love to their iPods and their iPhones. I’m also quite certain some of these people harbor psychotic sexual fantasies concerning Mr. Jobs, matching black turtlenecks, an ostrich and an iPod Shuffle. That’s just a hunch.

It’s not the moderate Apple or iPod fanboy or girl I’m referencing here, but the zealots. The fanatics. The ones who still get nipple boners when they see the famed “1984” ad. The ones that don’t understand that an mp3 player can both play mp3’s and FM radio and act as though any mp3 players that does is garbage. These people are not reasonable. However, it’s this fanaticism over an electronic product that makes these Apple, iPod, iTunes – whatever – zealots so much fun. And they’re also why I loved Scott Hendison’s rant against iTunes and the iPod.

Scott’s complaints are nothing new and his solution is one that I’ve had to do in order to get my free iTunes downloads onto my *gasp* Creative Zen. But what makes it great is these iPod fanboys had nothing other to do than to stop by, call the Search Commander a moron, talk smack about Creative, then go back to the shower and high-five each other. My favorite commenter had to be Bruno Dexter, who “outs” Mr. Hendison as a (oh no!) search marketer or something. That Bruno – what a shill! And zato, what a douche!

Anyways, if your Wednesday is turning out to be a shit Wednesday, and you need to feel superior to some assholes, I highly recommend it for a good read. Be sure to read the comments though – they’re the best!

6 Responses to “Of Apple, iPods, iTunes & Assholes – My 3rd Fave Post of December”

  1. JDog Says:

    Hey Hack. There’s another “contest” to win a Google fridge. To win it you just write a blog post outlining what you’d do with it.

    Knowing your twisted mind your uses will be hilarious…

  2. seohack Says:

    Consider it done. 😉

  3. percepat koneksi Says:

    ipod itunes hahahaa

  4. iPad Says:

    Found your blog on technocrati. Keep up the good job man. I am subscribing to your RSS now. Good Stuff!

  5. xbox 360 free Says:

    Hi, just how do i subscribe to your RSS Feed? Gives thanks

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