SEO Hack Screwed Again!

Yep, another contest and this time the Worst SEO Blog Ever! wasn’t nominated. All I can say is what the hell.

Thanks to El Tigre Hilker, I was made aware that Search Marketing Blog Awards winners were announced yesterday. Like the Columbo, I was totally snubbed. Unlike the Columbo, I wasn’t even nominated. Not a thank you or a fuck you or a “you’re too friggin’ awesome and we didn’t want to rock the boat of the industry.” Nothing.

Well, as I’ve said before, Awesomeness Is Its Own Reward. And don’t you trouble your pretty little head about this, dear reader. For what it’s worth, there wasn’t even a category for “Awesomeness”.

I would like to give a word of caution to the search industry. The SEO Hack is not one to triffle with. He’s like a dangerous thing waiting in the bushes to do all sorts of dangerous things that are, er, dangerous. You know, things like running with scissors and drinking too much prune juice. The SEO Hack will erupt on the face of the search industry like a pimple right before prom. One of those really nasty pimples that you have to really work at popping to get the core out of it or it doesn’t go away and you end up with lots of redness and swelling and pinch-marks. That’s right. Consider yourself warned.

5 Responses to “SEO Hack Screwed Again!”

  1. JDog Says:

    There will be justice… one day…

  2. michael streko Says:

    say the word.

  3. [insert keywords here] Says:

    Blah blah navel-gazing blah blah self-obsessed blah blah circle jerk blah blah.


    On to more important topics: ME! I think I deserve to be congratulated for landing a new job; One where – yet again – I get paid to surf the web and tell other people how to make the interwebs a better place (according to my standards and whims)

  4. seohack Says:

    Congrats All About Content Girl! Though that comment had nothing to do me and my awesomeness, congratulations all the same. Let me know if you get sick of that place.

    Comrades Streko and JDog – get ready for the battle. It will be nastier than even the keyword phrases this den of awesomeness is found for!

  5. Awesome Washington DC SEO Says:

    Thanks hack. Now when do I get a link in your blogroll or whatever?

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