Real Quick –

Okay, so we’re all very painfully aware of which keyword phrase this den of awesomeness is found for. That one all the other relevant associations. Big deal. I rank for it.

However, someone needs to explain these ones to me:

“manual labor is the punchline of what joke”

“robbie payne”


What the hell?

4 Responses to “Real Quick –”

  1. JDog Says:

    Wow. 3 posts in one day!

    Here some insight using semoz tools…

    For Google…
    Pg 5, Pos. 5 for Robbie Payne
    Pg 9, Pos. 4 for Seomoz

  2. Rebecca Kelley Says:

    Whatever. You know it’s your dream to rank for SEOmoz.

  3. seohack Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, JDog. I’m like MSN and don’t go beyond page 5. Friggin’ MSN . . . . .

    I would, Rebecca, but I want to rank better than page 9! How will I get any hate mail on page nine?

  4. JDog Says:

    Damn Rebecca didn’t even invite you to her shingdig at the mozzplex…

    would have been the perfect chance for that toilet scrubbin job interview.

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