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7 Things I Learned On the Interweb This Week

December 27, 2007

Wow, not only is this a week late, I’m not even going to do one for this week! Yes, I am a dick. But oh well. It’s Christmas and junk. And what a Christmas it has been! From the old man I got a carton of smokes (someone had been watching “The Breakfast Club”) and from the mother-person I got a Walkman tape player and some geetar strings. Great. It’s like they think I’m going to prison and are giving me a vocation and some spending money. So, assuming I don’t do anything to get tossed in the hoosegow New Year’s Eve (which is pretty hard when you plan on spending it holed up with a gallon of gin and a shotgun), you can plan on me resuming my previously scheduled crappiness. But not this week.

1. Microsoft is shittier at the interweb business than I thought. I imagine all those people running Adwords campaigns like the extra exposure.

2. There’s a lot of creepy shit in nature. Those friggin’ fish look like something that fell out of Glenn Barr‘s head.

3. If you’re looking for asstarded webhosting in the UK, look no further than 1&1 Internet, Ltd. Read about they killed Searchguild.

4. If you fuck with Chuck, don’t fear the karate chop, fear the lawyer.

5. Topanga has gone from Boy Meets World to Girl Meets Cell. Hell, I’d have a drinking problem too if I worked with Tyra “Crazy Ass” Banks.

6. JDog is reader of the month! Well, that doesn’t mean a whole helluva’ lot, but the guy did nominate the Worst SEO Blog Ever for something. And hell, it oughtta’ matter for something. So he gets a crappy link from this crappy blog. Plus, that puts him in the ranks of Syzlak and Bagel for SEO Hack loyalists!

7. Emo magic boy Criss Angel can be a douchebag and a lecherer. Keep reaching for that rainbow, er boob in this case, dirtbag.

There you have it. To you and yours happy holidays and shit.