Another Entry for the “Phrases I Hate” List

w00t.  What the fuck.

Out of all the ignorant-ass things that are uttered from everybody’s piehole everyday, for some  assinine reason Merriam-Webster decided the word they were gonna’ add to this their dictionary this year was fucking w00t.   What’s even worse is that apparently thousands of dumbasses voted for it.

Maybe I’m out of touch here.  Maybe John Morse was right – what the dictionary needs is a blend of “whimsy and new technology”.  But for some reason I doubt it.  All I see here is a big book of words appealing to a bunch of 20-somethings that still live in mom’s basement while to trying to spin some linkbait junk into something that keeps their pitiful word list relevant to society in general.

Damn I hate that fucking word.  Damn damn damn!   That stupid word make me want to go get all Tipper Gore on a stack of fucking dictionaries.

One Response to “Another Entry for the “Phrases I Hate” List”

  1. Syzlak Says:

    As a primer, I feel obligated to let the community know that this was my fault:

    SEOHack: posted
    Syzlak: woot

    However, it should be recognized that I used the more formal “double you, oh, oh, tee” spelling rather than the gamer/net junkie spelling “double you, zero, zero, tee.” Clearly, I am classier than thou…fuckers.

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