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7 Things I Learned on the Interweb This Week

December 14, 2007

1. I’m not the only one finding these people to be a pain in the ass. You know what?!?!?! Who cares if mom and Wayne like you best?!?!?!? You’re still a little bastard!!!!

2. The conventional wisdom of airline travel is much like death – you can’t bring it with you. Or at least you really shouldn’t try to. Really.

3. Vanessa Fox does reads this blog! Or at least posts about her!!! It was still enough positive attention to keep me a VFFB! =) And it shows why she is cool. The connection you should be making here is that people who read this blog, like Vanessa, are cool. People who don’t, like Matt Cutts, are not.

4. There’s a reason math major’s do not get laid. A damn good reason. Other than the fact they’re annoying when they’ve been drinking.

5. Do not piss off Chris Ridings.

6. Doug Benson doesn’t know when to let a joke die.  For God’s sake, that was only funny for a day, if even that!

7.  I might not be able to participate in forums much longer. =(  Stupid smart people always sticking it to the ingarma, ignorumassses, fuck it.  Stupid smart people always sticking it to dumb people.