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You People Disgust Me

December 12, 2007

And I’m not talking about the poop porn this time.

I bring you all a little ray of sunshine in the form of Gerry Phillips and what do you all do? You ignore it.

I try to share with you little bit of myself. Show you what makes the Hack smile inside. And what do I get? A great big fuck you. Actually, a fuck you would have been welcomed. But no. No one, save Bagel, has anything to say about a man who can make fart sound songs with his hands.  Hell, no one looked at the damn post.

You people do not deserve Gerry Phillips. Go back to your little cubicles and listen to Britney Aguilera and watch your Bear Force 1 videos. Here’s a man who has something to say. And yeah, it sounds like he may be saying it with his ass when he’s not, but it’s beautiful. What, he’s not pretty like that Chris Crocker fucker? Isn’t an emo magic boy? Doesn’t matter. Mr. Phillips is too good for you. He’s too good for us all.

So I leave you with this. It’s Gerry playing “Don’t Stop Believing”. I haven’t, Gerry. I haven’t.